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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    I wonder if you (and the others in this thread who say Kerrigan was "lucky") would take a few moments to think about this incident. Try to imagine leaving your place of work or home and having a strange man run up to you and hit you with a bat, a baton, etc. Would you truly consider yourself...
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    How many skaters & coaches can you identify in this Japanese illustrator's Xmas card?

    Lower left to right starting with Papadakis & Cizeron, Hawayek & Baker, Chock & Bates. I'd like to see a key of this after all guesses are exhausted.
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    NEOWISE comet

    Thank you!
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    NEOWISE comet

    Love this. Would you share what brand and magnification they are? I went to my local observatory last night to see the conjunction and took some decent photos. My binoculars are not good enough to see rings of Saturn or moons of Jupiter.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    Watched it last night, it was good, kept me engaged. Sacha Cohen's Massachusetts accent was brutal. :)
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    USFS ISP Points Challenge- Sep and Oct 2020

    I think of the US synchro team The Haydenettes, but they used it in the early 2000s.
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    NEOWISE comet

    I've seen it on four evenings and got some decent photos. I love it!
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    I enjoyed season one of "Trapped", set in Iceland. I have not watched season two yet.
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    Things I’m sick of tbh.....

    The text of the graffiti is pro Black Lives Matter movement, not anti. My guess is it was kids who wanted to graffiti, but not knowing the history as FGRSK8 mentioned.
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    News & Experiences continued

    Rhode Island's Governor is lifting the Stay at Home order Saturday, but not a lot will change. Retailers will be able to open with some strict guidelines. Some of our State Parks will open up, but not the beaches. Governor Raimondo would like those who can work from home continue to do so...
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    U.S. Pairs 2019-20 season - News & Updates, Part X

    Andy Gibb (RIP) in those pink pants. šŸ˜ƒ
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    News & Experiences continued

    I believe this is the case. Acadia in Maine has been closed for a few (three?) weeks now.
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    News & Experiences continued

    I would like to learn how to create masks. How do you source the materials? Kindly share if you know. Thank you.
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