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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    Thank you, Emdee! You have always been very kind!
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    German Skating News 2019/2020

    Not really skating news but maybe relevant for our (Germany's) skating future :D: According to her instagram stories Aljona and Liam had their baby girl Amilia on September 7!:cheer2: The baby came a month early but they seemed to be in a very good mood on their way to the hospital, so...
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    Right now I'm 38 weeks pregnant, so I won't be able to make it to Canada. So I think I will have enough to do in the upcoming weeks and months to not miss Tessa and Scott too much ;):D.
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    It makes me really sad to see them retire. As a European fan I had really hoped that they would come to Europe and do some shows so that I would have had the chance to see them live at least one more time. :wuzrobbed However, I'm thankful for all the great experiences I had watching them live...
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    Reading some of these comments here makes me speechless. Where I live going to a party as a teenager, drinking a little bit, dancing and flirting is totally normal and doesn't make a girl automatically available for "hooking up". I mean what a sad teenage life would young people have if fun like...
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    Aljona Savchenko interview

    Thanks for this link. I adore Aljona and she seems to be really happy and content. The interview was good, I liked the questions and how detailed she answered them. I had to chuckle at her plans of doing the next Olympics. Her drive is unbelievable. I hope her wishes come true and after winning...
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    Coughlin's Former Pairs Partner Alleges He Abused Her

    I'm speechless seeing what turn this conversation is taking. So, we can't do everything in our power to protect girls and women because it could turn off boys from skating or from skating for the US? IMO if a boy doesn't know what is appropriate and what isn't then it's better if he stops...
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    He is actually dating his first skating partner Jackie Mascarin (?).
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    Aliona Savchenko Pregnant

    I think she seems pretty "warm and fuzzy" with her husband and family, so I guess she will be the same with her child. I don't think that the attitude in her job reflects how she is at home with her loved ones. Maybe she will be as strict with her child as she is with herself but I don't think...
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    Meagan Duhamel is pregnant

    Congrats! I'm so happy for her that she became pregnant so quickly after retiring from competitive skating! It would be so funny if we had big competitions between Duhamel II. and Savchenko II. again in about 20 years from now :D. (Now, I wonder if Anna Capellini isn't next with a similar...
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    The Dance Hall 6: We're All Off Our Rockers 2018-2019

    I only have a twitter account to read stuff and have never written a tweet myself but I think that it is totally okay to criticize twitter users on twitter directly. Simply telling someone that you don't agree or that you don't like their point of view is not bullying IMO. As soon as you have a...
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    Aliona Savchenko Pregnant

    So happy for them! Now, I hope her wish of having twins, so that she can go back to skating as soon as possible, will come true, too. :D;) I love her :lol:.
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    Link to the French article
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    After reading pc's interview, I really hope no one will ever badmouth Scott and Tessa again for their comments after Sochi. Both of them were always respectful towards DW and their competitors and just talked about being upset about losing in general, their coaching situation and judging. VM...
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    I guess I am very particular with things like that. I personally have boycotted everything 'Michael Jackson' (or e.g. Woody Allen) for years and years but accepted that the majority thinks differently. However, after the recent documentary about MJ's victims and as a consequence radio stations...
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