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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    I haven’t read this yet, but I got a signed copy at an author event last week at the New York Public Library main branch in Manhattan. Morgenstern was interviewed by Kelly Braffet, (who has a new book herself, coming out early next year.). It was very unfair of these two women to be so damn...
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    Let's Talk Movies #35 – Sparrows and Panthers and Dinosaurs…Oh My!

    Spare yourself the book; in my humble opinion it is godawful and contains some serious grammatical howlers. I lasted until page 317, in the middle of the extended Las Vegas section. I just suddenly stopped; what happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas. I did not want to waste 5 more...
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    Northern Hemisphere, time to get your flu shot.

    Got it plus pneumonia shot at last week’s doctor’s visit.
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    Opera Suggestions, II

    Truly, the production I liked was the City Opera production where Semele was Marilyn Monroe, Jupiter was JFK, and Juno was a wrathful Jackie Kennedy in a pillbox hat. It was fun, inventive, and beautifully sung. Maybe Shrader was just having a bad day at the office.
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    Opera Suggestions, II

    NYC Ballet Fans, Part 2 It’s buried several pages back since the last post was in June.
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    Opera Suggestions, II

    Quoting myself above, I did indeed go down to Philly this past Saturday for Semele. The singing was sensational with the exception of Alek Shrader as Jupiter; he was underwhelming to say the least. It's a pity because Where'er You Walk is arguably the most famous aria in Semele. Amanda...
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    New Agey alternative medicine -- does any of it work?

    A total aside, but the first time I wore my new pair of rose quartz earrings, the woman in line behind me at the grocery store asked me if I had had the crystals programmed yet. Seriously? Like, no, they are just a pair of earrings.
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    BREXIT - The Final Countdown?

    @allezfred, Would you care to elaborate on your Taoiseach? I don’t know anything about him and am curious about what you think. Thanks in advance.
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    Hurricane Dorian Thread

    CNN says it just made landfall at Cape Hatteras.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    I have BritBox and quite like it. I also have Acorn, and my newest obsession, MHz.choice. On MHz I am working my way through the 4 seasons of Murder in (insert name of different region of France for each mystery); it’s like being on summer vacation for a month in France.
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    Comfort Food (Yum)

    I love cole slaw, buy not the watery awful kind with mayonnaise. I make mine with an old-fashioned “boiled” dressing made with vinegar and sugar and celery seed. Delicious and crisp, not watery and limp, keeps well for several days. Yum.
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    Comfort Food (Yum)

    I also think pasta needs to be served hot. I DO NOT get the fascination with macaroni salad. Blech!
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    Comfort Food (Yum)

    Tapioca pudding
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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    I'm not sure about the first example, but the comma in the second example is correct as I read the sentence. Commas are used to separate elements in a sequence (red, white, and blue; yesterday, today, and tomorrow) and Atwood has a sequence, albeit of only 2 items: disguises and benevolence.
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    All Thing PBS

    I thought the first presentation just with Nadine Garner was great; I liked it far better than the original series.