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    Kathy Casey has passed away

    My home club hosted Midwestern sectionals almost 30 years ago. I think Kathy Casey had a skater in just about every event, which was a great testament to her success as a coach. She was very kind to the volunteers despite her hectic schedule, unlike many of the other coaches.
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    That is a great suggestion.
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    Thank you Tinami Amori for motivating me to figure out how to ignore someone and then implement those steps.
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    I completed my SafeSport training a week or so ago so I could teach at a new rink. The activities you mention are explicitly discussed in the training as inappropriate. I believe all coaches have to take this training. Coaches are expected to address/report such behavior, even if it is not...
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    Pairs Discussion Thread 2018-19--"Two Skating as One"

    Cecelia Colledge did a beautiful one-foot version in the 1930s. She had nice layback and donut spins too.
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    #TeamTrainwreck 16: We do hard, not crazy!

    Here it is. Priceless.
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    #TeamTrainwreck 9: Next Splat Station: Pyeongchang

    I had to look. Not just the same costume, the same music. baton Jr. Worlds
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    New skating scores site:

    Great site! Thanks for taking the time to make it. Any thoughts on capability to analyze PCS a bit more? For example, I'd like to see how a particular skater's PCS changes throughout the season, or from one season to the next. Thanks for your consideration.
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    #TeamTrainwreck 9: Next Splat Station: Pyeongchang

    "What is your favourite figure skating program to Madonna music (could be exhibition)?" I came out of "long-time lurker" status (especially for the TTW thread!) just to post a link to this memorable exhibition: Grishuk & Platov All By Myself
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