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    Australian skating news

    Milania Väänänen posted the same sbs 3T clip (in colour) on her Instagram back in March: She’s a Russian/Finnish skater and previously skated singles for Finland on the JGP. Her ISU Bio is here -...
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    From Russia With Love [#39]: Into Winter 2021

    This particular interview is with Ludmila Velikova not Vasily. Is there another interview by Vasily as well?
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    Abusive coach is in Hall of Fame

    The writer mentioned the coach occasionally hit or slapped some of the boys. From some quick research it looks like Leitch faced assault charges in 1997 for exactly that (allegedly slapping a 15yr old male student in the face)...
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    German Skating Season 2020-21

    Katharina Müller/Tim Dieck are listed in one of the training groups for Russian Cup Final. Presumably this means they will get to skate there as a warm up for Worlds (though probably out of competition).
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    From Russia With Love [#38]: Fall/Winter 2020

    If the woman you’re talking about is anais167 on Instagram then I think it is worth mentioning that she is a Plushenko super fan who has an Instagram dedicated to his son. Whilst she does seem to have some access to the day to day training at Plushenko’s rink it is also clear that she is not an...
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    USFS ISP Points Challenge- Sep and Oct 2020

    I played around with the url for the Senior Ladies SP and managed to find the Senior Dance RD. The key thing is the archive number. The Junior Pairs FS was number 1741. Then you get the Senior RD at 1742 and the Senior Ladies SP...
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    From Russia With Love [#37]: Summer 2020

    The list of applicants from Perm for the 1st Stage has been published on the Perm Federation website. The Perm Territory will be represented by: 1. Morozov/Bagin (in Senior Ice Dance) 2. Artemyeva/Nazarychev (in Senior Pairs) 3. Raskovalova/Butaev (in Junior Pairs) 4. Safina/Bakhmat (in...
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    From Russia With Love [#37]: Summer 2020

    This is just the list of the Moscow applicants for Stage 1. Shulepov and Ignatov represent St Petersburg, Panfilova/Rylov and Morozov/Bagin represent Perm, Khudaiberdieva/Bazin represent Samara Region and Moscow Region (which is different to Moscow) so we won’t know if they are competing until...
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    2020 Russian Junior and Senior test skates

    These two are much younger (they are the youngest team here at 14 and 15 years old). Their goal would normally be to make the JGPs whilst Sh/N would have been hoping to qualify to and win the JGP Final before everything was cancelled. Plus Aleksova/Vladmirov have a new RD (Sh/N kept theirs...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 21: Ride until the fantasy ends!

    It turns out Nastya was in hospital due to ******. She posted about it/beginning her recovery today.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Kolesov answered some questions on his Instagram stories last Friday and he said there was no truth to any rumours about him and Akhanteva splitting or doing tryouts with anyone else. He said that since they came back from junior world they had done the Tuktamysheva show and then been given the...
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Akhanteva/Kolesov were never in contention for YOG. She is born in Oct 2002 and only female skaters with a 2003-2005 year of birth are age eligible. The team Mukhametzianova/Mironov had to beat at the final in order to get the second YOG spot was Artemeva/Nazarychev. A/N beat M/M at both their...
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