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    Quick 3 day Worlds Poll

    We called hotel and they told us we have till Friday 13, (nothing ominous about that date snark, snark) to cancel without penalty so we are hoping a decision will be made today, or tomorrow at the latest!!! I also spoke to my event partner who is just as stressed and upset as I am, but she...
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    Quick 3 day Worlds Poll

    Well, at the moment I am strongly leaning towards not attending as I have a husband with a compromised immune system due to his ongoing battle with Leukemia plus my own health issues of Diabetes and long history of repeated bouts of pneumonia/bronchitis. Colds and flu always hit my lungs. I am...
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    Quick 3 day Worlds Poll

    Here is a FACT BASED website updated every 10 min that may help inform your decision: At the time of my post, the province of Quebec has only 4 confirmed cases, 63 in all of Canada. So IMO it is more likely that those fans Flying into Montreal esp., those from...
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    2020 Challenge Cup, Feb 20-23, The Hauge, NED

    So for Cdn gals: CC = Schizas 60.32 TS 32.68 TES CC = Bausback 58.26 TS 31.50 TES 4CC = Pineault 57.09 TS 30.79 TES
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    2020 Challenge Cup, Feb 20-23, The Hauge, NED

    What was Schizas score? I could not read the scores at bottom of screen my stream got blurred...
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    Mailing of Worlds tickets?

    I rec'd my tickets in mail -- Finally!
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    Who's going?

    I will be seated in Red section 120 row H for those who know me...
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    Skate Canada has updated teams for Worlds & Junior Worlds - still some TBD

    Thrilled for Nam:cheer2:, Alicia :cheer2:, and the Danadians :)!
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    Official FSU Prediction Contest - Four Continents Championship 2020

    Wow, being paired up with Braulio (my personal FSU Video posting hero) is indeed an honor! All the ties kinda amount to our being in top 5 of the prediction leader board; 5th, 4th, or occasionally 1st, seems to be the fated ranks for being Canadian, so like my favorite ice dancer's - Piper and...
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    2020 4CC Men FS

    Praying to the skate Gods that Nam Nguyen will be the Pick for MTL Worlds. I think he was slightly underscored once again, but I am beyond thrilled and very thankful he managed to move up into the top 6, he was the best CDN Man at 4CC. The audience really seemed to love and support him; too bad...
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    2020 4CC FD

    G&P were sublime!! Merlot really suits them, brought something new to the table, like fine wine now aged to perfection; although I liked the other costumes too.
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    Practice reports/videos, or any 4CC news. voids, athlete sightings please post here!

    Practice video of Sui/Han -- Team China full ver: Matilda FRIEND & William BADAOUI AUS -- C&J (USA) S-K&K (USA)...
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    Who's going?

    I will be there!!!
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    Even though I live just outside of MTL, given our weather and traffic, I booked into the hotel Bonaventure for 6 nights. I will be walking (or in my case, likely limping slowly,) from the hotel to & from rink INSIDE via the underground city.
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    2020 European Championships - Videos

    Yes I discovered that the ISU video you tube channel that had been geo blocking me was only temporary possibly I had been following the wrong link, or it was my old laptop, so thankfully I have found the correct way to watch after the fact, as I no longer have to watch it live, to see it, as I...
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