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    U.S. Men 2020-21 season news & updates

    He just posted a retirement announcement on instagram.
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    That is a google translation of this article in Le Journal de Montréal. It is part of a bigger look into the abuses in figure skating covered in the new documentary Pression. Le Journal de Montréal...
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    U.S. Ice Dance 2020-21 season news & updates

    Looks like it from these articles recapping the junior competition:
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    Chinese Skating News, Pt. 3: A long & winding road to Beijing 2022

    SYWTWFS has a post with the currently available information
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    2020-21 Programs and Choreographers

    Nicolas Nadeau FS: The Doors medley (choreography by Scott Moir)
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    USFS Fanzone Article:
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    The Dance Hall 7: Tripping the Light Fantastic 2019-2020

    The federation will announce which team is assigned to worlds next week.
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    Israeli Skating News

    Interview with Daniel Samohin in Russian: I didn't realize that he's dislocated his shoulder 6 times at this point. :yikes:
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    Gracie Gold Cheer thread

    The full video has also been posted on Facebook:
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    2019-20 Canadian ladies news and updates

    Thought I would post this since, unless I missed it, hasn't been mentioned yet. Véronik Mallet has moved to train in Oakville, Ontario with Bruno Marcotte after 11 years with Annie Barabé. It is a very short article but she said she had been thinking about it since Autumn Classic and it was a...
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    News and updates à la Française, part trois

    James/Cipres have withdrawn from both of their Grand Prix Events
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    Both Shanaeva/Narizhnyy and Galiyanova/Lochhead, who are also skating to Bonnie and Clyde, are using the Original Broadway Cast recording. They both speed up "How 'bout a Dance" to fit the tempo requirements in the pattern and the version of "This World Will Remember Us" that G/L are using is a...
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    The first half has both Tchaikovsky & Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet if I'm not mistaken.
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    2019-20 Canadian ladies news and updates

    Alaine Chartrand confirms that she is taking a break from skating this fall but she is not retiring.
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    Choinard/Ostiguy have split because they "didn't enough of a height difference to be competitive with the best". They split amicably. He is going to take some time to rest and then start skating again.
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