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    The Dance Hall 9: Bring the Bling or No Beijing 2021-2022

    Many ice dance fans on FSU consider Mr. Dostatni (and Judy Blumberg) to be among the toughest technical specialists in the field. A skater will not benefit from an unclear edge. If the team earns a level 4 from Mr. Dostatni, they earned it!
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    Nathan Chen Fan Thread #2

    Somewhere I read that the order of discipline this year was requested by China to highlight their strong pair teams. Whether one or both teams medal is to be determined.
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    U.S. Ice Dance 2021-22 season news & updates

    Yes! Dimitry Ilin was in the Kiss and Cry with Ian and Emily.
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    U.S. Women [#2]: The Unbearable Lightness of Beijing

    Gracie is to be commended for how well she is skating this season - we've only seen her at regional competitions. Bless her spirit, but she has zero chance of making the Olympic team. However, if she places in the top six, she may have a shot at 4CC. I don't where she would be able to get the...
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    Team Trainwreck #26 - A bad haircut is easier to fix than a flutz

    Whatever happened is a shame. My favorite threads of FSU are/were the Dance Hall and Team Train Wreck. The playfulness and humor expressed in this thread (albeit sometimes at the expense of our favorite team members messing up). Thanks to all who posted here, you brought many a smile. So...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 25: Maximum Chaos

    Be happy you are able to WATCH the Russian Nationals! (Free and on replay!) Ted doesn't talk during the performance. The mute button is your friend during commentary;)
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    Japan closing borders due to Omicron--GPF canceled

    We should all take a lesson from Jason's post! He has the right attitude. Be happy we were able to see the Grand Prix (live-streamed even!) event with live audiences. We fans were treated to everyone's new programs ahead of Nationals or the Olympics. We had plenty to things to discuss...
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    Japan closing borders due to Omicron--GPF canceled

    Traveling to anywhere now could be detrimental to skaters hoping to compete in the Olympics. Skipping the Grand Prix Final might be the best option for all the skaters. Yes, very disappointing to us (small letters intentional :)) fans wanting to see the drama of the head to head battles.
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    Alysa Liu Switches to Colorado Coaching Team

    Breathe people. We will get more information eventually. Things get blown out of proportion so fast on this board. There are too many unknowns (and maybe something happened we may never know about).
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    Tickets have been sold.
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    This might be too early, but I have two excellent all-event tickets for US Nationals in Nashville in Jan. 2022. They are aisle seats, 5 rows up from the ice, section 105 (center across from judges) and the gala is included. Section 105, Row EE, seats 1 and 2. Will sell for half price, one or...
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    Pairs Discussion Thread 2021-22

    In the Kiss and Cry, there is a lot of discussion comparing Sui and Han's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" program this year to their first BOTW in 2016-17. If we go back, the first version was understandably extremely emotional because Sui had recently recovered from surgery on both feet and this...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 23: Perky through the ages!

    Marin is a lovely skater with exquisite costumes - Disney on Ice would be perfect for her. I'm surprised she is still in the game.
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    When you look thin on TV in a sport populated by small men and tiny women, that is an issue of concern to me.
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