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    Music I wish someone would skate to: 2020 Edition :)

    I would love to see something from the either of Dario Marinelli's Pride & Prejudice (should include "Your Hands are Cold") or Jane Eyre soundtracks.
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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    It's really shameful to see the unnecessary, disparaging, rude comments towards junior skaters. Senior skaters don't become senior skaters without being juniors first. And sometimes they don't make senior ranks for a whole variety of reasons, and their experiences as juniors (or other levels) is...
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    From Russia With Love [#38]: Fall/Winter 2020

    This post makes my skating loving heart so happy!! Love seeing her tackle new things!!
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    USFS ISP Points Challenge- Sep and Oct 2020

    What was Bradie's music for both programs? I looked through the 20-21 programs thread but didn't see it. Thanks!
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    ‘I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to win in Salt Lake City’: Russian skating icon Irina Slutskaya on lost victory at 2002 Games

    It's sad to read she believes the audience was against her. Having been there, I don't believe that to be the case at all. Fans were excited to see ALL of these skaters, but as expected, any home athlete is going to have the boost of support from the crowd. That does not equate to the audience...
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    The Songs and The Skaters

    Perhaps there are old threads of a similar nature, but here goes! List a song you would love to see skated and who you think would do it justice. The one burning in my mind this morning: Song: Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks Skater: Ashley Wagner!! You can list additional skaters, different...
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    From Russia with Love [#34]: Autumn 2019

    I rarely post these days, more of an avid lurker. I've caught up on the last few pages of this thread and simply say this. IMHO - Elizaveta, Evgenia, Alina Z, Anna, Alexandra, Alena, and soon Kamila are absolute phenoms. I've enjoyed watching all of them succeed. Props to each one of these young...
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    U.S. Ladies [#27]: A Time to Reboot

    What do you find is flawed with her lutz technique? I think she gets to the jump quickly, but it goes off the outside edge, she doesn't have a high kick or an overly stretched reach back, giving her good spring into the air. I'll need to look at the slo-mo's for her upper body movement, but...
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    New Ladies Quads and Orser-exit, news during May-day holidays.

    I just want to say Gabby Daleman's got the best eye makeup game in all of figure skating - ever. And I hope she is taking care of herself.
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    U.S. Ladies [#25]: Method in the Madness

    Love this woman - so glad she has empowered herself and shares her story!!!
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    Safe Sport Dropping Coughlin Investigation Personally, I believe this is the wrong course of action for all involved.
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