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    Olympic Gold/Silver medallists with clean SP and LP

    That was the debate few years ago on FSU. It's a very difficult question ! And it depends on what we considere as clean : clean to the eyes, or clean as most difficult without any mistake compared to what was planned ? Kerrigan in 1994 was clean to the eyes, so was Shizuka Arakawa in 2006. ;)
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    Olympic Gold/Silver medallists with clean SP and LP

    Absolutely, I remember the same debate on FSU about what is a "clean" performance. Clean doesn't necesseraly mean without mistakes. A beautiful double is clean, but not the perfect performance the skater wanted to deliver. ;)
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    Olympic Gold/Silver medallists with clean SP and LP

    :confused: What do you mean by high altitude, because Torino is at 239 meters, not that high, not even as high as the Eiffel Tower ! ;)
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    Best Silver medal LP performance (2) in Olympics by a Lady

    Very, very hard to choose ! All of Manley, Ito, Kerrigan, Kwan, Asada, Kim, Medvedeva could have won. My vote goes to Kwan, because she was so perfect, so touching, and that I love her skating. My second vote goes to Kerrigan, because really, she should have won (IMHO). Her best performance.
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    Best Silver medal LP performance (2) in the Olympics by a man

    My choices are Orser 88 and Wyllie 92. Orser because he was so close to being perfect, just a slightly error on the 3F, too bad. And Wyllie because of the performance he delivered, I love watching it, even 30 years later, and the fact that I think Petrenko was overscored :P ).
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    Skating to Debussy- so many great performances!

    My favorites are clearly, and by far G&G's 1994 Reverie and Carolina Kostner's 2017 Clair de Lune. So soft... wonderful <3
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    1992 FD vs. 2002 FD, which 5/4 split for first is more mystifying

    Good choices as both are mystifying ! In 1992, I was really happy K&P won because they are such an amazing team. And as I lived in France, I was really happy that D&D won the Silver medal, even more that close to the Gold (national bias for sure !! Hahahaaa) But in 2002, I can't understand how...
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    Did a wrong choice of program lead to undesirable result?

    ITA about the Duchesnays. This WSS program was clearly not their best. Previously, they had programs that hided their flaws. I don't think WSS did that. What about Domnina&Shabalin 2010 OD ? About Michelle Kwan, I don't share your opinion because her Olympics LP was so different from what...
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    Best Pair that did not win the OGM

    Stolbova&Klimov or Savcenko&Szolkowy ;)
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    Best Olympic Bronze medal performance (pick 2)by a Pair

    Savchenko & Szolkowy in 2010. What a program. They skated it perfectly at 2009 Skate Canada, it was so magical.
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    Best ice dance team that did Not win the OGM

    Papadakis and Cizeron for me, as an evidence. Their technique and unisson are so perfect.
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    Best Male partner (pick 2) in a Pair from the Past

    Sergei Grinkov and Anton Sikharulidze <3
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    Pick the Best Ice dance team that won the OGM

    It is so difficult to pick one between T&D, K&P, G&P and V&M. My favorite were G&P for their speed and the passion she put on every of their program, but technically, they are not as precise as K&P or T&D. G&P for their speed and passion, T&D for their innovative programs, K&P for their pure...
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    Best Olympic Bronze Medal Winning Ice Dance Team

    Marina Annissina & Gwendal Peizerat's 1998 FD was so fantastic, very powerful. I love this program (so much more than their 2002 program).
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    Should The Minimum Age That Ladies Can Compete As Seniors In Singles Be Raised From 15 To 17/18 Years Of Age?

    Again, IMO, the problem is not the age, but the judges. If judges put according marks to what skaters really do on the ice, no problem. A lot of Eteri's skaters should have 5 in PCS, not more, and no +GOE for their awfull jumps. If they were marked like that, they would be forced to work on...
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