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    NCAA Gymnastics

    Before I even clicked on the second routine, I knew it was Trautman.
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    RPDR S10 - let the games begin!

    It's really to the point where many seem to think it's not worth it. I've got several drag queens as friends on Facebook and there are some that have pretty much said that the success isn't worth everything that comes along with it. Many queens are getting death threats based on the show and who...
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    RPDR - All Stars 3

    Jinkx did Bette Davis on the tour's version of Snatch Game and it was good. I wonder if other queens knew that and didn't want to follow after her.
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    RPDR - All Stars 3

    I agree. It was weird. She had obviously done research and had the look right. However, she was obviously in her head because I felt it did not connect at all and was really not funny despite having the right information to work with unlike many who seem to have done zero research on their...
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    RPDR - All Stars 3

    I think having Michelle and Carson as the contestants on Snatch Game is going to make things very interesting since they can take first hand experience back to the judging panel of how things went. Plus, I would assume having Michelle and Carson there will add some pressure.
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    Ru Paul's Drag Race - Spring 2017

    Kimora is Asian and Valentina is Hispanic.
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    Ru Paul's Drag Race - Spring 2017

    My initial thought about Drag Race moving to VH1 was that Logo was done. At this point, Logo basically has reruns of The Golden Girls, Roseanne, and Mama's family playing in a loop. After Sirius XM removed the gay channel, I just felt very sad and annoyed and I hope the same thing doesn't happen...
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    Gymnastics News #21 - Tumbling on to Tokyo Mihai Brestyan will be taking over in Australia for Peggy Lidick.
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    Gymnastics News #21 - Tumbling on to Tokyo

    Senator Diane Feinstein has proposed a bill concerning sexual abuse in sports based on these events.
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    Gymnastics News #15

    If you go by Flo Gymnastics rankings, you have two teams that could win medals for sure. First team is Simone, Gabby, Aly, Madison, and Maggie. Second team is Lauren, Ragan, Ashton, Skinner, and Emily Schild. Other than a weak spot on beam and less amanar/chengs, that second team would be very...
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    Of the Netflix Originals I loved Jessica Jones but I realize it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Also, while not an original, I think Netflix is the only one showing The Fall which is one of my favorite shows at all. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan are really just about perfect in that show...
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    2016 NCAA Gymnastics

    Surprise number 7 George Washington's home invitational against Cornell, Temple, Penn, and North Carolinawill be streamed here at 1pm eastern. Arizona's away meet against Texas Woman's can be viewed here at 2pm eastern.
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    2016 NCAA Gymnastics

    I thought Missouri looked really good to be away at Alabama. Shannon Welker has done a tremendous job with that team. They had a ton of stuck landings. Alabama is the Romania of NCAA to me. Even their coach made some comment about not trying to go above and beyond, to just do their normal. They...
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    2016 NCAA Gymnastics

    She had thumb surgery back in November. I thought it was a cool routine for sure. Danusia Francis also rocked it on beam.
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    Thank You FSU

    I hope you really do have a network of people that support you in your real life, but I also hope that you do not treat them as poorly as you have the people on this board that genuinely tried to help you.
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