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  • Hi there,

    I've been trying to read the two threads regarding the step by step subscription and this season's pass and the pop-up window informed me that I have no rights to access this info. I feel somewhat confused and I'm wondering how can one subscribe or get a pass if one can't find out what's the procedure... Thanks
    Message From Admin - PLEASE DO NOT SEND A PM OR VISITOR MESSAGE HERE if you want a speedy response. Basically click on 'View Forum Leaders' at the bottom of the forum and PM one of them - Thanks.

    For Access On Competition Forums - Please Read Board Business Forum Thanks!
    Dear Admin,

    I am having a similar problem as posters below for accessing the 'private' areas such as all the major competition rooms this season. All I get when I click the links is "you are not authorized." Could you help me on this? Thank you!

    Dear Admin,
    I received an email saying I have established access however, when I try to post I am still being denied. Can you help me? Also, should I post to the Skate America thread since I need a ride from Lake Placid to NYC after the competition? I don't want to post in the wrong thread. Thank you very much. Will I see you in LP next month?
    hi - I'm trying to subscribe - but each time I click on the "step by step guide" or "season pass" all I get is a "you are not authorized message". How do I sign up?

    Are you able to change a thread title?

    FSU Judging Game No 2 - New game - need idea for competition


    FSU Judging Game No 2 - 2002 SLC Ladies SP

    Hope you can help - thanking in advance if you can.


    I'd like to ask you to delete a thread, "Yu-Na on TV Shows".

    I've got to know the video I linked in my thread was not allowed to post due to copyright infringement.

    Sorry for inconvenience. Thank you.


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