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    Coughlin's Former Pairs Partner Alleges He Abused Her

    Thank you to everyone who is speaking up in support of survivors. Many people in the skating community read FSU and your support is noticed and makes a difference. Some of those skaters felt very strongly that they did not want to wear those damn hats, but Delilah didn't give them a choice...
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    U.S. Pairs 2018-19 season - News & Updates, Part IX

    Throw flip and throw Lutz are considered the same throw because the physics/biomechanics of the throw require the girl to be on an essentially flat edge at takeoff in order to be centered relative to the boy. The well-balanced program requirements allow the execution of only one of throw...
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    U.S. Pairs 2018-19 season - News & Updates, Part IX

    Ask sincerely and ye shall receive more info about twists than you probably wanted to know. :D Random tech panel info about twists: Twists can be downgraded if they are ½ rev or more short, but twists can’t be called underrotated. Why? Two reasons: The call of the rotation of a twist stops when...
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    U.S. Pairs 2018-19 season - News & Updates, Part IX

    :confused: Steps, man's arms, and catch are clearly achieved. The split is "gray" from the angle shown on TV, but viewed in slow motion, I see at least 45 degrees from the body axis on both legs; the split would have been more easily seen from the tech panel camera. For those saying the L4 was...
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    SafeSport alleges "culture of grooming and abuse" in U.S. figure skating

    Has no one looked at this list that they are criticizing, that they are saying caused John to take his life? Has no one looked at this list that they are saying is so harmful to coaches that is must be eliminated, even if that means that more children will be abused during an investigation? Go...
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    SafeSport alleges "culture of grooming and abuse" in U.S. figure skating

    This is a violation of the locker room policy. It would be handled by USFS's SafeSport Committee. No promises, but based on precedent: you, the three witnesses, the athlete, and (if the athlete was a minor) the athletes' parents would be interviewed. If at that point, all five parties agreed...
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    SafeSport alleges "culture of grooming and abuse" in U.S. figure skating

    I'm not sure what you mean by the second half of that. I think my answer below might answer what I think you mean; if not, would you be willing to clarify? That's an interesting question and I am glad that you asked. As you said, they are not necessarily contradictory, but they do need to be...
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    SafeSport alleges "culture of grooming and abuse" in U.S. figure skating

    (As always, I am expressing my personal opinions and not speaking for anyone else.) This is a near universal sentiment among those who have dealt with the Center for SafeSport or heard accurate details of their investigations and outcomes. There are multiple cases in figure skating alone that...
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    New Jersey ice skating coach faces sexual contact charges, Ice House suspends coaching privileges

    When a member is suspended, U.S. Figure Skating *does* send a notice to clubs in the vicinty of where the coach resides. In addition, interim suspensions are posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website with a brief explanation. When a coach is suspended, PSA sends an email blast to every PSA...
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    Does anyone know about the subject of this article on John Coughlin in USA Today?

    I would hope that no one would post the identity of an alleged victim of sexual abuse unless the victim outed him or herself. If someone did out a victim or alleged victim of sexual abuse who had not outed themselves, I would hope the admins of FSU would, at minimum, remove the post and...
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    Favorite Skating Conspiracy Theories

    I don't know why I opened this thread, but as long as I'm here... No, in 2014, the skater had one minute to take their starting position or they would be withdrawn. The referee could "for good cause" modify the "strict interpretation" of the rule, but that meant something like a broken lace...
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    2018 USFS Governing Council meeting & board initiatives (proposed changes to the current U.S. Nationals qualifying pipeline & more)

    Being elected an Honorary Member is, essentially, an honor. Yay Nathan! :cheer2: Article V, Section 4 of the U.S. Figure Skating bylaws: Honorary Members. A person elected as such by a vote of two-thirds of the votes cast of the Governing Council present in person or by proxy at an annual...
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    Detroit selected to host 2019 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

    The Request for Action from Competitions Committee will limit Nationals to Junior and Senior only; Juvenile, Intermediate, and Novice will qualify from Regionals to Sectionals and their season will end at Sectionals, starting with the 2019-2020 season. (There's a little more to it than that, but...
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    North Korean pair team of Ryom/Kim qualify for the Olympics in South Korea (NYT articles)

    No. South Korea has a host spot (that they will not lose) and North Korea has an IOC wildcard spot with the result that there will be two pair teams representing Korea.
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    Eden Prairie (Minnesota) figure skating coach charged with criminal sexual conduct with minor

    The PSA suspended Tom Incantalupo yesterday, "pending final hearing panel decision" (which usually, although not always, occurs after the conclusion of the criminal case when one is involved). Mad props to PSA for acting so quickly. Morozov was reported to and investigated by law enforcement...