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Oh of our most popular 'expressions' at the moment. It's basically a cockney expression used at the end of a sentence to illustrate a point. It's an abbr. for 'Isn't it' Or 'Isn't that so?'

Means peeing myself laughing, used very often in response to an amusing post or when thinking of a particular situation.

Porny Maurizio Margaglio / Porny John Zimmerman / Porny Peter T / Porny Maxim Staviyski / Porny Gwendal Peizerat - Say no more.

Delerious, why do you spell it incorrectly?
Basically because one of our non English speaking posters used it incessantly when referring to a certain ice dancer, we loved it, we're keeping it.

To 'love' but in a less obsessive way :)

With less connotations than what is usually the case in N. America, this is used for a particularly good looking skater or 'sexy' program.

Usually used when a poster is delighted to be jumping in on a topic

Inspired by the MKGA, and several other spin off skater keeperships, we at FSU decided to keep our own favourite things :) Some of us like to change them on a regular basis.

In depression
Well again, one of our non English speaking friends used it in relation to a certain Ice Dancer and we loved that saying too.

Has several meanings - And one day there shall be more I am sure.
Official Skating wise Explanation from Skate Guv:
"Oh gawd that's a tough one to define, better ask christopher dean !!"
It stems from me and sharps watching old documentary about T&D where we pee'd ourselves laughing at the following quote from Chris, which he said, erm, very dramatically "....and suddenly, we found ourselves in this...hole...this huge, big VOID !! We could do anything we wanted to, our only limits were our own imagination !! It's like floating free, it's like being in outer space !!"
"So we use the term "Voidy" to describe anything in skating which is a drama fest ala Dean. You know the sort of thing, angst expressions, hands outstretch, weird programs with weird music, skaters who clearly think they are skating as ar-TEESTES and creating an arty's all "voidy"

PS: If non skating wise you are in a void. Then you have either been overcome by the porniness of someone or drunk LOL. Also having a hangover can put you in a void too. Basically a trance, yes?

Tiff/Tiffin/to Tiff
In honour of American/Armenian/Back to American Ice Dancer Tiffany Hyden. To Tiff means to (official explanation from it's creator Skate Guv)
"Ok, yes, "Tiffin" is a verb. To tiff it you would be super ultra perky, way off the B&K perkometer, but with a twist....there is a voidy element for 'depth'

Tiffin it
means really giving it loads, basically. In your face choreography innit "
But it has evolved into non skate speak too-
'Going back to the room to Tiff' basically means going back to the hotel room to fluff your hair, change clothes and put some make up on.

Mr Void
None other than Chris Dean! (Who else?)

British Slang for Very Good. (Pronounced PUCK-AH)

In Honour of Todd Eldredge- Explanation from Sharpie
"You know that angst ridden look at end of Todd progs such as "The Glory" etc? When he is skating around with arms outstreeeeeeeetched!!!!!! And that look up to the ceiling as if? Well some bran will fix it right? That's Toddstipation for ya! XOXOX "

Our Lame Russian Attempt. Just a misspell of Yes!

Rock Star With The Alcool
Alcool spelt the French Way (For the hell of it really!). Just generally an all round fab person or if used in skating speak it means they are really TIFFIN (See Above) on the ice or being cute in the KnC.

PRYDE= PRIDE. If you are in NO PRYDE, you are either
A) Drunk
B) A Lobby Chick (See Below)
C) Kissing Alexei Mishin
D) All of the above.

Lobby Chick
The fans that hang in the Lobby At Competitions armed with Cameras or Autograph Books. Of course you would never catch any self respecting FSUer acting this way. Uh...No! Not At ALL!! ;)

Chewing The Leeks
Really Giving it some with the Facial Expressions!

A Skip is a British 'Dumpster' So if something is 'In the Skip' Or 'Skip' It's Just rubbish/garbage.

Doris is an old Ladies name, so if a Skater is 'Dorising It' It means that my Gran could do better. (Probably)

A Beach Resort in Spain, which is as Spanish as Fish and Chips, Pubs, Roast Beef Dinners and English Pubs.

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