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The administration of FSU would like to thank the following people for their support to the site over the years.

Brad Miller- For Starting FSWu!
Michael Bernadsky- Porny Picture Taker
Michelle Wojdyla - Original Banner Maker
Daphne Kitchen- Banner Guru
Andrey AKA Pushkin- Probably the best graemlins in the world
Sandra Loosemore- For listing us at Skateweb to begin with!
shellybean- HTML Fiend.
Brynn- One of our original moderators and helped set the whole thing up.
Maggie C - Statistician, trivia queen;-)
Susanne Kempf - Photographer
All those who have contributed  reviews: Jessica, Bex, Ruth, Sliv, Daize, Louis, Meghan, shells, Cruella, Minxie, Flashdancer, icenut84 and da guv.
All those who have contributed $$$ to keep us going.
Sciox.Com - Hosts
And to all the lurvely posters! YAY!

If we have forgotten you, we will accept 40 lashes and give you 40 BEERS - Please mail us and let us know!


There's been a MNC on the loose in the code =) No intentional mistakes have been made, SnatchIt! was used to make lurrrrvely screenstills, Photoshop 7.0 and PaintShop Pro 7.0 were used for image editing purposes. Website was designed and redesigned with the help of Dreamweaver MX. The CSS code was fun to write. This summer marks my 4th year anniversary as a FSU poster.

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