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    Metro Detroit political, law enforcement leaders mourn passing of Sheriff Benny Napoleon No, Benny Napoleon was not a figure skater. But in 1994, while serving as a Deputy Police Chief in Detroit, he cracked the case that would...
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    Paul Wylie, former figure skating medalist, on why the Olympics still matter
  3. jenniferlyon

    Kardashian-Jenners Tease Christmas Special With Nancy Kerrigan

    While searching for figure skating articles, I found this:
  4. jenniferlyon

    Tonya Harding, Tragic Muse? More Works Explore a Skating Scandal

    From the New York Times, no less! As a former English major, the author of a skating novel, and a fan who remembers the Tonya/Nancy era, I suppose I should say something profound and academic here. But...
  5. A

    Margot Robbie To Play Tonya Harding In New Harding-Kerrigan Film

    No, not a joke. Still in early development: Robbie is best known for her role in "The Wolf of Wall Street" (the one Olivia Wilde was "too old" for) and the upcoming "Suicide Squad."
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