johnny weir

  1. Lipinski boy

    What are your favorite figure skating books?

    I’m not sure if someone had posted a similar thread in the past, but has anyone read any really good books on the sport? I enjoyed Johnny Weir’s “Welcome To My World,” Dorothy Hamill’s autobiography “A Skating Life,” and Dick Button’s “Push Dick’s Button.” But I will always have a soft spot...
  2. JeffClair1979

    Family Guy- Stewie meets Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski

    Has anyone else seen this? This made my 2018! Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere... Hope that link works, if not, you should be able to google it. Totally worth the watch!
  3. Meoima

    Continues with Wings (13-15th April 2018): Yuzuru, Jeffrey, Shae-Lynn, Plushenko, Johnny...

    An ice show for Yuzuru was held on 13-15 April in Tokyo. The title of ice show is named by Yuzu himself: "Continues with wings". The ticket prices of Yuzu's show are less expensive than other commercial ice shows in Japan. It's a kind of special pair ticket for parent-child, just only 10,000...
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