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    Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya passed away

    Exactly bethy. To imagine a young woman in so much pain that she couldn't envision an alternative or a way to improve her situation is so profoundly sad.
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    Is Your Rink Open (********)?

    Westchester Skating Academy is closed for several weeks and will reevaluate as the situation demands.
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    Cipres accused of sexual misconduct

    This is one of the misunderstandings here - no where in the original article or anywhere else does it say that the victimized teenager was a student of Zimmerman and Fontana. From what I know from other sources, she is not. How she was related to Dispenza is a question. She was a skater at the...
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    Sasha Cohen: The price of achievement, and redefining success (The Peter Attia Drive Podcast interview)

    I just listened to this podcast and it was time well spent. Near the end she makes one observation that will stick with me - that success and happiness are not the same thing. Perceptive. I didn't know that she was pregnant with a boy - how lovely.
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    Friends on Ice 2019 - Shin-Yokohama | Aug 30-Sep 1: Daisuke Takahashi, Shoma Uno, Kaori Sakamoto, Stéphane Lambiel, Jeremy Abbott, Davis/White...

    Please post any links to recording of the TV show - us Ilia fans would love to see his skate (so rare these days). Much appreciated if anyone can do anything in this regard!!
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    Coaching Changes -- best ways and worst ways to do it

    I have breezed through the responses above and perhaps have missed something but want to mention - it is considered very bad form for any coach to "poach" another coach's student. By poaching I mean that Coach B approaches a skater/skater's family he/she wants to take from Coach A; the...
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    2018 Christmas on Ice, December 14-16, Shin-Yokohama Skate Center, Japan

    Coming up this weekend. I hope we will see some rehearsal instagrams from the cast and hear any reports to be heard. Thanks, in advance, to anyone who contributes content!!
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    2019 U.S. Regional Championships, Oct. 3-21, 2018 (SA, UGL, NWP / NE, SW, CP / NA, EGL, SWP)

    Congratulations to Liza Kulik who came in 1st in both SP and LP in Pacific SW Regionals. A very strong performance!!
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    Averbukh's shows

    How wonderful if R&J came to the US!!
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    Champs Camp August 18-23, 2018

    The post above supposing that Lynn Rutherford has written articles from Champs Camp that have not yet been published is right - maybe because the site is being relaunched. Hoping that they will be published soon.
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    2018 Glacier Falls Summer Classic, July 26-29

    Thanks for asking - I'll look forward to hearing about the results through Unseen Skaters.
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    2018 Glacier Falls Summer Classic, July 26-29

    Sylvia - is this Glacier Falls comp streamed anywhere?
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    U.S. Figure Skating & NBC Sports Group Partner on Media Rights Agreement through 2026

    ITA. At least so far, we will not see them all together again.
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