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    2021-22 ISU Grand Prix assignments announced

    Tiffany and Jonathan will be missed at Skate America. Wishing Tiff a speedy, full recovery. 💐
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    2021-22 ISU Grand Prix assignments announced

    I'll be disappointed if the Italian Grand Prix isn't called the Olive Euler.
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    Grand Prix 2021-22 Season Potential Assignments

    I wish they would go ahead and release the assignments already. I'm starting to worry that something's up with the Grand Prix season.
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    Jessica Walter Dead at 80

    I'll always remember her as Evelyn, the knife wielding stalker in Play Misty for Me. She was so beautiful and had such an air of sophistication. I love her speaking voice, with that little touch of huskiness.
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    Ann Reinking has passed away

    I was so sad to learn of her passing. I enjoyed her dancing so much. :cry:
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    NBC Sports Gold figure skating pass - feedback, troubleshooting, pros/cons, etc.

    @maureenfarone If you have a very new laptop, it likely won't have an HDMI port. The trend has been to eliminate HDMI ports as manufacturers strive to make laptops thinner. There are adapters that will allow you to hook an HDMI cable to the USB port on your laptop. The adapters are affordable...
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    Feral Kitty Question

    I think cats are nocturnal by nature. I adopted and tamed a litter of three feral kittens. At night they would chase each other around my bedroom and I would awaken to their furry little bodies sailing over me as they leapt from the floor to the bed to the armoire and so forth. It was...
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    ‘I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to win in Salt Lake City’: Russian skating icon Irina Slutskaya on lost victory at 2002 Games

    The gold medal would have been mine, if not for scheming relatives of rival skaters who bribed the judges with cash, jewels, recreational pharmaceuticals, and sexual favors. :wuzrobbed
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    ISU Skating Awards To Debut At 2020 Worlds

    Chock has been very involved in the design of most of C/B's costumes, including the snake dress. A FanZone article gave some details as to how Madison and Mathieu collaborated on the FD costumes : "Chock literally studied images of snakes—their scales and patterns—to come up with ideas for...
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    U.S. Ice Dance 2019-20 season news & updates

    This is what happens when we have no real skating news to pettifog. In a normal year, skaters would have begun announcing music choices by now. The forums would be full of outrage, ridicule and predictions of inevitable disastrous programs and shattered careers. Ah, the good old days.
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    U.S. Pairs 2019-20 season - News & Updates, Part X

    The nudity isn't gratuitious. They're in Texas where it's hot; Tim needs the ventilation. You wouldn't want him to get all steamy and sweaty, would you? .....Well, maybe you would. :shuffle:
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    Memes and humor to lift your spirits up

    Don't think anyone has posted this link to Pluto's advice to the two-leggeds.
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    So, Did You Survive?

    It ain't over yet. Four Continents competition starts in ten days. Not sure I'll be able to peak again so soon. 😕
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    Are the Shibutanis named after Usova Zhulin?

    I've always seen Usova's first name spelled "Maya" in the Roman alphabet. Alexander is a classic name with a long history, popular in many countries. I believe the similarity in names is just a coincidence. I recall reading somewhere that Maia and Alex had, on rare occasions, enjoyed pulling...
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    U.S. Ice Dance 2019-20 season news & updates

    As many as one wants, providing one qualifies. There's no limit. Canadian equestrian Ian Miller holds the record, having competed in ten Olympics. I don't think the top US teams have been allowed to rest on their laurels. They've all worked very hard to keep improving and hold their...
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