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    Peacock Subscription Discount

    Peacock seems to be only broadcasting gymnastics finals live - they are not making the recordings available after the event. I cannot find the women's team final on the site.
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    U.S. Women [#4]: How Dare You

    I think "Skating Clean" is a way better title for this thread. But it's a good one for all the skaters who are out there this season.
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    Royalty thread #14: Platinum edition

    Ominous indeed. The worst part is that the BBC has wheeled out the unctuous royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, who's saying stuff like "We shouldn't speculate" about the Queen's health...while going on to speculate at length.
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    "Go Figure" Randy Gardner Documentary on PBS in February 2022

    I watched the documentary on the PBS app. It's wonderful. I didn't know anything about Randy and Tai other than the story of the injury at the 1980 Olympics. I had to stop in the middle, too. His meeting with his birth mother is filled with sadness and incredibly sweet at the same time...
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    I have one ticket for Stars on Ice Boston at Agganis Arena, Saturday April 30 Section 102 Row 2 Seat 11
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    Figure Skating Videos (New Channel)

    Thank you so much!
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    2022 US Adult Sectionals and Nationals

    no! go get 'em
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    NCAA Gymnastics

    Go Wolverines! (U-Michigan alum, 19-ninety-long time ago) I wish U-M board of regents were not such a bunch of cowards. Discussion for another forum. It's bad.
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    NCAA Gymnastics

    Nobody gets a short straw. The Big 12 or Division I teams have so much money flooding into their men's football programs, they could spread it to "small" sports, mens and womens, and throw a few scholarships toward new gymnastics scholarships. A sport that people will watch on network TV, if...
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    U.S. Women [#2]: The Unbearable Lightness of Beijing

    Disappointing news for the new year. Tennell's US Nationals win in 2021 was a fierce comeback. Good for her for making space in her life to heal and improve.
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    From Russia With Love [#40]: Summer 2021 & into the Olympic season

    Best wishes to Tarasova. She is a legend.
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    Kostornaia out of Russian Nationals

    Oh no. Dave Lease warming up his terrible Russian accent as we speak. Actual Russians all going, We DO NOT sound like that!!
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    Kostornaia out of Russian Nationals

    Sad to hear this news. I love her passionate, artistic skating. And the beauty of her amazing jumps.
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    Should The Minimum Age That Ladies Can Compete As Seniors In Singles Be Raised From 15 To 17/18 Years Of Age?

    If you're looking at 1998, we might have seen Chen Lu, Maria Butyrskaya, or a healthy Surya Bonaly make a run at the top of the podium. Or look at the other 1990s women who were in the mix. No need to slam Kwiatkowski.
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