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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    First clip of Maia skating since her surgery over a year ago and it’s set to the music of Minari:
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    Film Awards 2020

    First clip of Maia Shibutani skating since her surgery over a year ago and it’s to the music of Minari:
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    The Dance Hall 8: Join the Maskerade 2020-2021

    I seem to remember that the 2016-17 RDs were for the most part one of the better reviewed rhythms from the fans. There is always a worry about the cringe factor. I just think so long as the teams try their best to be themselves and pay respect to the rhythm without looking ridiculous, it should...
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    U.S. Ladies [#30]: Cover Girls

    I think Karen actually jumps big. Her Triple Lutz is pretty big. I think her main issue is the delayed and slow rotation that she's aware of and has been working on.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    I love the Dutch choreography. I hope Boorman can come back to the U.S. and take what she learned there and bring it here. We in turn can teach them how to tumble.
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    Film Awards 2020

    Now I’m imagining Meryl Streep polishing her three Oscars among her many other awards on Oscar night while singing “The Winner Takes it All”.
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    Let's Talk Movies #36 - 2020 - Yep it is a new decade

    I like how one woman was all into it and asked the other girls while lying in bed in captivity, "I wonder which brother slept in this bed..." I was :eek: at that line and it's from the 1950s. I couldn't help but sort of respect that girl in a way. She knew what she wanted and she was gonna get it.
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    Film Awards 2020

    I know Meryl waited 28 years to win her third. I did the math for you in the post you quoted. And, again, Meryl only waited four years to win her second and two years to win her first after her first nomination while Frances McDormand waited eight years to win her first after her first...
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    Film Awards 2020

    IMO, McDormand has produced more interesting work than the safe baity films Streep churned out in the past two decades, mostly being filler nominations that could have went to more daring work by other actresses. Anyway, that doesn't matter. It should be about performance, not some idea that...
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    Just call me Harry. (Everything Harry & Meghan)

    It’s strange how people are getting emotionally involved with the private dynamics between grandfather and grandson as if the recently deceased Grandfather would appreciate some overly involved stranger with an obsession with his family talk smack about his grandson, no matter what sort of...
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    Film Awards 2020

    After seeing all five performances, I think McDormand gives the best performance, but she's not in the most award-friendly role. She goes for more understated realism. Kirby really gives it her all but the movie makes her do some dumb things because the writing takes a nose dive after a great...
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    Film Awards 2020

    Anthony Hopkins stopped the Chadwick Boseman train here, so we’ll see what that means for Oscar. The Father is getting a last minute surge and we all know the movie is Oscar bait. It does continue BAFTA’s trend of not awarding African-American (male) talent. McDormand winning here means she’s...
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    Essential Ice Dance

    I end up watching G/P’s 1994 Euros version of their FD the most because they were truly on Fire there. So fast, crisp, and on point. I also thought Oksana’s red dress not only matched with Platov’s outfit more but it accentuated all that twirling in the choreography giving it more impact.
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    Essential Ice Dance

    Resurrecting this thread to add: Guignard/Fabbri's 2018-19 FD:
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    Rapper and Actor DMX Dies

    R.I.P. The two articles talk about his stage command and his troubled life and issues with crime and drug use, that he was exposed to when he was...
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