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    2020-2021 TV New/Returning Shows

    Yes, she was. Very sad to hear this news.
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    U.S. Men 2020-21 season news & updates

    Same. I've always had the impression that he was rather full of himself. Maybe that was a false impression, or maybe he outgrew it. Either way, I enjoyed that article. Thanks for the translation.
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    Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Inauguration Thread

    Word. I noticed that right away. A President and First Lady who actually seem to love each other. What a novel concept.
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    Nathan Chen #2

    Congratulations to Nathan. He had two amazing skates this weekend even with the bobble in the FS.
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    Downtown Jason Brown - Let the Good Times Roll (uber thread #2)

    I'd say it's pretty likely he'll keep those programs for next year, especially if there is no Worlds this year. It wouldn't make sense to scrap them after only performing them once in competition, given the fact that they were so well received from a judging standpoint. If he can start landing...
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    Can't Help Falling In Love ... with Hubbell & Donohue (fan thread #2)

    I love their FD so much. Very, very happy for them. They skated with so much power and emotion. Well deserved win.
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    2020-2021 TV New/Returning Shows

    So excited to see the return of "Prodigal Son" and the premiere of "WandaVision" on the schedule for this week. I've been looking forward to both immensely.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    It's straight up, old-fashioned romance, with lush costuming and set design, and strong performances. Just the kind of diversion I needed to get through the awfulness of this week's hellish drama in Washington D.C.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    Would Game of Thrones be something you're interested in? They have all 8 seasons on there. I'm just about to begin a rewatch.
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    Let's Talk Movies #36 - 2020 - Yep it is a new decade

    Speaking of DC, has anyone watched the new Wonder Woman movie? The reviews have been mixed to say the least.
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    2020-2021 TV New/Returning Shows

    I met Alison Arngrim once, and got to hang out with her for a few hours when she visited the real Walnut Grove, Minnesota. She actually took her shoes off and waded into Plum Creek. I wasn't so brave. She was an absolute joy to spend time with. I loved her.
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    What song are you listening to?

    When I hear that song, I think of Guardians of the Galaxy. It actually played a role in the plot of GOTG Vol. 2.
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    Oona & Gage Brown fans! Here's a cheer/support thread for them :)

    That video made me a fan. I'll be watching them in the future. :)
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    Evgenia Medvedeva Cheer thread

    Well, it was HER words. Not her fans'. I would hope they let her know that they disagreed.
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    'On Ice Perspectives' video appreciation thread

    I'm a fan too. What he does is NOT easy. It really gives you the feel of being out on the ice with the skaters. And yes, some find that disorienting. But I enjoy it. :)
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