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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    Audrey has a lovely lyrical style but those jumps are concerning. :yikes:
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    And if you use that gun to defend yourself, you are the bad guy. The media will work overtime to guarantee that you are seen as the problem, not those destroying your property or harming your family. Fervent left wing idiots (not to mention those on this board) will eat it up like breakfast...
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    U.S. Protests - There's Something Happening Here

    Vietnamese Church burned to the ground by protestors, "total loss". But don't worry folks! It was a mostly peaceful church burning! :rolleyes:
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    Jeremy Corbyn Suspended From Labour Party

    Would be nice if America could discard of its radical left wing anti-Semites. As opposed to being openly celebrated like Ilhan and AOC. Oh well! :rolleyes:
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    2020 Non-Presidential U.S. Elections

    So you're all just going to pretend the Biden scandals don't exist? :lol: :lol: :lol: Am I to understand this board is "fine" with under the table dealing with hostile foreign nations? :rofl: Moderates are watching too you know.. Meanwhile big tech is censoring the reports like crazy. No...
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    Skate Canada Replaces "Mohawk" and "Choctaw" In Its Terminology

    Yep. More empty gestures to make the white majority feel better about themselves.
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    U.S. Protests - There's Something Happening Here

    WaPo finds most BLM protests peaceful and that a lot of the violence that happened was against BML protesters. So surprised. (Not) :yawn: From just yesterday in SF...looks like MadMadame's antifa buddies are at it again. What do you and your ilk find so threatening about free speech? :confused...
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    U.S. Protests - There's Something Happening Here

    11 Shot, 1 Killed Today in Democrat Chicago But a cop didn't cause it, so rest easy white liberals!! Nothing worth protesting or even mourning. :rolleyes:
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    U.S. Protests - There's Something Happening Here

    I've been here for years. :yawn: I love how you take issue with etiquette/spelling etc...yet continue to ignore your party's vile abuse of the black community. Typical. White. Liberal.
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    U.S. Protests - There's Something Happening Here

    Interesting how all the white liberal "act"ivists on here are only concerned with racism when it helps boost their parties political power. But when you point out the blatant racism and systemic oppression within their own districts, political party, and candidates all you hear (if anything) is...
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    U.S. Supreme Court & judicial system

    But....but....but muh 'bortions!!!!! :wuzrobbed :wuzrobbed :wuzrobbed :wuzrobbed :wuzrobbed :wuzrobbed
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    James/Cipres announce retirement

    Goodbye pedophile.
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    U.S. Protests - There's Something Happening Here You know what I've realized? Black lives only matter to white liberals when their murder fuels their hatred of police. I commend people on here for knowing Breonna...
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    U.S. Supreme Court & judicial system

    Some Political science professor advocating "burning down congress" if Trump fills RGB's spot I can see both sides of the argument but you folks seem awfully eager to resort to violence....not a good look before the election. :saint: EDIT...
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    Apparently destroying an occupied vehicle and attacking a dog is "power to the people". (Disturbing Video) I'm sure some of you will rush to defend your ilk as usual.. ;) Such an effective...
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