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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    There is one aspect which has not been touched on, but I consider this practice to be a borderline cheat, since this practice runs counter to "Well-Rounded Skating". I would like to relate something Midori Ito wrote around 1992. "With the pressure mounting to land the triple Axel, Midori became...
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    What are your favorite 19-20 programs so far?????

    Have only seen Junior Ladies and Dance, Senior Ladies. My favorites are: Tomoe Kawabata "Blue Danube" SP: added bonus was seeing Yukina Ota with Tomoe in Kiss & Cry Alyssa Liu SP and LP Kurakova "Le Corsaire" LP, particularly Gdansk performance: Midori's Calgary LP Music! Nguyen/ Kolesnik...
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    First, a bit of Midori news: NHK showed a program last night (30th October), as a lead up to NHK Trophy, a show with Kihira,Takeshi Honda and Akiko Suzuki. Near the end of program, Akiko talked about "the great Midori Ito" featuring skating snippets from 88Calgary, 89Worlds and 92Olympics. Akiko...
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    This statement made me think a bit, and I would like to suggest that "Technical Stagnation" occurred in Mens Division rather than Ladies. Triple Axel was first landed by Vern Taylor in 1978, and Midori was attempting it by 1984-85. By 1991 Worlds, Midori and Tonya was having triple Axel shootout...
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    Congratulations to Trusova. Last time Ladies Division skater challenged the best of Men, technically, was 1988-92. Midori Ito did have technical content (up to triple Axel), since the quad age was just dawning in Mens Division. Browning's first ratified quad toe was at 1988 Worlds. I have to...
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    The Rika Kihira Cheer Thread

    Rika's coach Ms. Mie Hamada made some comments about Rika's preparation routine as shown below. This reminds me of Ms. Machiko Yamada always scolding Midori Ito, during mid to late 1980s. Start Quote: Mie Hamada, while appreciating Rika’s improvement since moving up to seniors, told the press...
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    World Team Trophy - Who qualifies?

    Yes, it's on TV here and from what I remember it's live or close to it.
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    Sin/Kats Really Need a Cheer Right Now!

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I couldn't be happier for you! Congratulations!! It was well deserved, and it's obvious a lot of hard work went into that medal. Keep it up! :rockstar::rockstar::rockstar: :40beers::40beers::40beers: :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: And of...
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    Sin/Kats Really Need a Cheer Right Now!

    Crossing all my fingers and toes for S/K now. Just about 2 hours to go. Honestly I think Im more nervous than they are! :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: Come on guys! I know you can do it. Just relax and GOOD LUCK IN THE FD!!!!
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    The Rika Kihira Cheer Thread

    Thank you for starting a thread on Rika Kihira. Please accept my apologies in advance for longish post. Under the RADAR The skating fans in JPN, usually keep an eagle eye on junior/novice level skaters. I could hardly wait for Miki Ando (Senior from 04 Worlds) or Mao Asada (Ditto 07 Worlds) to...
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    Why do people consider Irina Slutskaya a held up skater?

    Irina was also well known for her friendliness to other competitors. There was apocryphal story about her conversation with Shizuka at the 04 Worlds, which made the rounds within JPN figure skating fandom at that time. Please note that Irina missed most of 03-04 Season due to illness. It went...
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    Russia’s 3rd lady for worlds

    The first time I saw Tukt perform was 7-8 years ago, Cup of Russia EX?, where she performed with a red fan. I have been a fan of her skating ever since. I am saddened that she was not chosen to represent RUS at the Worlds. At the same time, I am somewhat surprised that there was this much...
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    Sin/Kats Really Need a Cheer Right Now!

    Speaking of good music choices, do we have any recommendations for next year's RD? Im not clear on the details, but they're calling it B'wy Rhythms, so it seems like any rhythm from a B'wy musical is allowed. I want them to consider Summertime [blues rhythm] from Porgy and Bess. It's slow...
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    The Dance Hall 6: We're All Off Our Rockers 2018-2019

    From other comments Ive read in the past, judges don't come up to you and automatically give you a critique [ - well your own country's judge might I guess -], but your coach has the right to ask any or all of the panel for some feedback after a competition. If they received no feedback, maybe...