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    Cipres accused of sexual misconduct

    And the later iPhone models use face recognition instead of thumbprint.
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    Cipres accused of sexual misconduct

    But he didn't send it to a number, he DM'ed it on Instgram to her. You can't do that without knowing exactly who you're sending it to. It's not anonymous. Your scenario isn't possible.
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    Coughlin's Safe Sport Status Changed to Interim Suspension

    I see the same thing. I'd be more inclined to say Dave is pulling everything offline rather then them being hacked or attacked. For whatever stand he took, he probably realizes he's in way over his head.
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    U.S. Ladies [#22]: No More Carrots!

    A little surprised at Gracie getting a GP. Is this so she doesn't have to go through the qualifying system to get back to Nationals?
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    U.S. Ladies [#22]: No More Carrots!

    Didn't Gracie just accept a coaching job in Arizona? It really seemed like she was done competing.
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    Israeli Skating News

    I'm so happy for Aimee! She used to train at my rink for a long time and this is amazing for her.
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    "The Walking Dead": Any fans here?

    The fact that Sarah Wayne Callies' name was still in the beginning credits leads me to believe Lori's still alive. If she was dead and gone forever, I'd think her name would be removed. I don't think that that walker Rick found ate her, but I'm not sure what really happened to her. Carol...
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    Fun YouTube Videos

    I never get tired of this one- An unexpected grab at a baseball game (moral of the story, you never know when the cameras are on you)- I LOVE this commercial!!!-
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