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    Kostornaia leaves Tutberidze

    Does anyone know whether Alina still plans to return to competition this season, such as it is? I follow her on Instagram and haven't noticed any training pix, but I don't watch stories so I may have missed something.
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    Mad for Skating blog

    Thanks so much for all that! It's a powerful work and the resemblance is strong. Dean made it his own, but still I wonder if he ever gave Bruce credit, or payment.
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    Mad for Skating blog

    @starrynight, what ballet does Missing borrow from?
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    Really, part deux

    @Gerry, Pretty sure I speak for all in saying we love you back. God be with you and your family. ((( )))
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    Korean skating news & updates

    Good luck to her handling all that pressure.
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    Thanks for letting us know about that, @Alexa. I hope sports medicine is advancing fast so Mirai and others can skate with much less pain.
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    USFS announces Alysa Liu's coaching change to Barkell & Nichol in Toronto and Massimo Scali in Oakland, CA

    Also she seems to shrug it off when she makes mistakes. Not that she doesn't take it seriously, but she seems too secure, happy and motivated to dwell on mistakes. Wonderful kid!!
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    BUZZFEED QUIZ: Which Figure Skating Coach Are You?

    Me too. Not who I hoped for but it's time to own my fierce stare.
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    Out of the loop - best programs from 2016-2020?

    Mariah Bell, To Love You More Nathan Chen, Caravan and Rocket Man Boikova/Kozlovski - everything, they are the new IT team, very special! James/Ciprès, Wicked Game - 2018-19 was a golden year for them...
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    I feel bad for Lipetsky who accomplished something no North American coach had ever done - turn out a female skater capable of a 3A and quads. But at the same time I admire Alysa's determination to do everything in her power to perfect her skating. That kind of drive is fantastic. I wish them...
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    From Russia With Love [#37]: Summer 2020

    I love it! I like the red too, but what I really love is seeing her face without the bangs. She's so pretty and looks much younger with swept back hair. The combo of fierce red hair and bangs made her look like a sort of Lulu/femme fatale character. The new look will be more versatile.
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    Really, part deux

    I love those photographs. And the obituary, brimful of love and life. Even if her time on earth was cut short, she "really" did have a full life, rich in friends and family and no doubt beloved by her students. Thank you for sharing those, Gerry.
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    Really, part deux

    ((((Gerry and family)))) ((((pat c and FSU friends)))) I'm so very sorry, Gerry. Somehow it seemed sure that your faithful, heroic love, Lee's endless battle, and even the unfailing support of her medical team(s) would be rewarded in this life. I hope it comforts you and your family to know that...
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    Really, part deux

    Oh no. Sending up prayers!
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    Great programs that were overshadowed

    I think of Tatsuki Machida's Inheritor, a 5-minute exhibition program he did soon after his unexpected retirement. It is almost as demanding as a competitive program, and both technically and artistically stunning, to me. But it seemed that few other than Japanese fans ever saw it. At the time...
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