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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    Thanks for sharing - I had never thought to look in USA Gymnastics magazine for scores. This indicates that Dianne got injured in the 6th rotation and scratched bars and beam. That contradicts the story I’ve always heard, which is that she got injured in the 7th rotation and scratched bars...
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    This is the #1 reason Warren should not be the VP pick. Assuming Doug Jones is going to lose in Alabama, the Democrats need 4 seats plus the presidency to gain control of the Senate. If Biden wins but the Republicans still control the Senate, there will be no hope of getting anything done (to...
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    What if .... 2002 Olympic Ladies Competition

    Peggy definitely brought up underrotation for Sarah on ABC at that time as well.
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    News & Experiences continued

    This explains so much:
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    1989-1992 Compulsory Vault: Silivas Vs Miller

    Interesting note about Silivas’s vault - she was actually the first gymnast to compete on vault that day, at like 9am. Even with her reputation, it’s pretty amazing that she got a 10 for that vault.
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    What is happening at work?

    I agree with this. I also think there is a difference between what should be provided to salaried vs. hourly workers. We do not allow our hourly workers to work from home unless there’s a weather emergency. If I’m an hourly worker who makes $18/hour and am not allowed to work from home, why...
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    What is happening at work?

    Personally, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask the company to pay for a decent chair. The standard ergonomic chairs that we have in the office cost more than $500. People should be able to purchase a decent home office chair for less than $200. That’s a small expense compared to the cost...
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    I am very concerned about these decisions to postpone elections. We all know who will take full advantage of this come November. Every effort should be made to allow mail in voting before elections are postponed.
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    2020 Non-Presidential U.S. Elections

    So, to paraphrase Elizabeth Warren, “you’ve supported some women.” Doesn’t excuse the misogyny when it comes to the others.
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    South Carolina: The Debate that Ate the Party

    Klobuchar staying in through Tuesday helps Biden. She will probably win Minnesota or finish a close second to Sanders. In 2016, Sanders won a huge victory over Hillary in the Minnesota caucus. Without Klobuchar in the race, he would likely do the same this year. Klobuchar taking delegates...
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    You’ve summed up my feelings almost exactly on this whole situation. I normally vote early but have deliberately waited until after this Saturday to vote so that I can vote for whoever seems to have the best chance of stopping Sanders. It’s not who I want to vote for, and I hate that we have a...
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    I think the Democrats should focus their efforts in Iowa on finding a Senate candidate to defeat Joni Ernst. Beating Trump is probably a lost cause given the demographics of the state, but with the right Senate candidate, they might be able to get enough Trump voters to vote for the Democrat...
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    This largely makes sense to me. Of those three states, Wisconsin is the most rural and has the highest percentage of non-college whites (i.e - Trump’s strongest demographics). Plus, Wisconsin has been the target of a decade of influence campaigns by conservative groups in an effort to turn the...
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