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    From Russia With Love [#39]: Into Winter 2021

    Umm didn’t Pavliuchenko/Khodikyn split, I am sure I didn’t imagine that?
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    2021 ISU World Team Trophy, April 15-18, Osaka, Japan

    Wow madness that Shcherbakova is not going home to rest, especially as she will be touring a lot before and during the summer, not to mention prepping an Olympic year.
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    2022 Olympic Qualifying Changes?

    Also what's with '19' couples? Are we having 19 at the Olympics and not 20? If that's so the host nation can have a spot, surely with it being in China, there is no need for this rule this time around.
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    2022 Olympic Qualifying Changes?

    What I don't understand is, if you are China and Japan and you have 'qualified' a team, but they still need to go to Nebelhorn, isn't that essentially a 're-qualification' test and so really, they haven't officially qualified a team :wall:
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    2022 Olympic Qualifying Changes?

    I thought I was being thick as s**t, I am glad that everyone else is confused. It has quietened my insecurities :D
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    Zimmerman suspended for 2 years by U.S. Center for SafeSport

    It’s not there, I wonder whether he took it down?
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    U.S. Figure skating streaming coverage will move to Peacock Premium starting in Fall 2020

    Long shot, if anyone knows of a stream would really appreciate it! Usually I use vpn on icenetwork, or NBC Gold but doesn't work on Peacock :-(
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    No one loves skating more than I do and I would be gutted for Worlds to be cancelled but Canada and the ISU are utterly delusional to keep this event going. When you live in Italy or the rest of Europe you start to understand the gravity of the situation. The same mistakes were made in Europe...
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    Maia Shibutani Surgery

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    ISU signs deal with Infront; Will EuroSport & CBC still cover ISU events this season?

    Doesn’t that distort the speed a little. The ice coverage seems amazing from everyone when you do that, even if they’re crawling.
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    Bumping this up, willing to sell at great price!
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    Hi I have an amazing ticket for Skate America all event, behind the judges in the aisle. Section 105 row H, if anyone is interested please message me ASAP.
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    some seats behind the judges have just popped up, in section 111 notably!
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    Do you need to register to be able to purchase tickets tomorrow in the 'pre sale'?
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