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    RIP Betty White

    She wasn’t just a genius and a comic legend she was also a great human being. My favorite role of hers was as Catherine Piper on Boston Legal. One of the funniest shows ever was the Mary Tyler Moore episode where White’s Sue Ann Nivens tries to steal the husband of Cloris Leachman’s character...
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    John Hughes, father of Sarah & Emily has died

    So sorry to hear this. He seemed to be a very nice man. And 71 is much too young. Condolences to his family.
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    News & Experiences continued

    In the ‘60s, my parents bought convertibles and had seat belts installed in the front seat as an option. They weren’t available for the back but my folks got them installed somewhere else after they bought the car. Three of them, one for each kid. I can remember riding on the PA turnpike at...
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    Men: Kurt Browning Women: Michelle Kwan Pairs: Shen and Zhao Dance: Torville and Dean I’m fond of the classics :p
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    According to Wikipedia she withdrew from her last competition due to a “lumbar strain.” In 2016, I think it said. There are no further updates.
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    Figure skating calendar that you can search by skater

    This is fantastic, fscal. Must be nice to be so talented. :p
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    BUZZFEED QUIZ: Which Figure Skating Warhorse Are You?

    Chicago. No idea why. I like the music but I think it’s difficult to skate to.
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    RIP Doris Day

    I thought she was great. I still watch her comedies when I’m feeling blue. James Garner worked with her twice and wrote many nice things about her in his autobiography - “Doris didn’t play sexy, she didn’t act sexy, she was sexy. And she could take a sexy scene and make you laugh. She’s so...
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