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    The ISU's New Set Of Judging Rules For Jumps

    I admit I’m a little lost. What exactly are you trying to argue? That bad technique is not bad technique because it’s not clearly and explicitly defined in the rule book with numbers and degrees etc? From these slow-mo videos it’s really not that hard to see for example, that Uno’s 4flip is...
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    ^I believe that's not just in Canada, but universal to most English speakers too. People usually say "North America" if they are referring to the continent, or even more generally, "the Americas", not "America", which is really only used to refer to the USA.
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    How does wearing a jacket with an American flag signify you haven’t been to China recently?
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    2020 4CC Pairs FS

    P/J’s FS is just stunning. I actually wouldn’t mind a repeat of this in 2022 - it screams Olympic to me :encore:
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    2020 Euros Ladiez FS TBD

    I like Kostornaia, but that is a VERY subjective statement. Personally I think she deserves very high PCS for her polished technique and presentation and find her to be one of the most “finished” all around skaters for her age ever, but her so called artistry is overrated.
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    2020 US Nats Man FS - Macy's Parade

    I find it funny when people think they need to state the obvious in an argument. Clearly everyone knows the US Mens Championship is not the Super Bowl. And it’s exactly the difference in treatment because of that some have problem with.
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    2020 US Nats Senior Ladiez FS - Work, Bitches!

    Too bad it’s nothing like the original. It’s basically the theme melody repeated over and over and over.
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    Mariah Bell cheer thread: Rise Up

    I can’t think of another skater with the same infectious joy on ice. Mariah was magic!:encore:
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    Best exhibition ever?

    Stephane Lambiel - R&J
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    Should The Minimum Age That Ladies Can Compete As Seniors In Singles Be Raised From 15 To 17/18 Years Of Age?

    The male body hits its physical peak at a later stage than the female body, as far as jumping (which is the overwhelmingly dominant part of FS scoring these days) is concerned. Taking this fact into consideration is not gender bias.
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    U.S. Men 2019-20 season - news & updates

    Forget about style and theme, I think Nathan could've at the very least gotten a shirt that actually enhances/shows off his great form/arms instead of a shirt that completely hides one of his great strengths.
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    2019 GPF Men FS -

    And now they are saying they are quitting fs and won’t spend money on any ISU competitions. Um...I couldn’t have asked for more?
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    IDF Ladies Short Program 2019- I Wanna Know What Lutz Is

    A labored Higuchi still moves with way more coordination and fluidity than Zagitova. And I won't even get into skating skillz.
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    2019 Skate Canada Men SP - Pinotonal

    But not like how Hanyu is repeating both programs just so he can train new quads to beat Nathan, right?
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    US International Classic - Men

    Tomoki’s program continues to be awesome!!
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