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    Costume changes during a program

    So did Merovee Emphrem in her 2008 rip-off of Gusmeroli's FP ;).
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    2021 World Team Trophy Pairs SP & FS - No Time for Boikova, 'Cause We Are the Champions

    I've finally gone through the protocols and discovered that the deduction was applied for an illegal element? Any explanations why? Is it possible to deduct for an excessive number of turns in a lift? :confused:
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    Please count me in :). No surprises here - as Poland!
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    2021 ISU World Team Trophy, April 15-18, Osaka, Japan

    No love for Rodeghiero :drama: ;).
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    From Russia With Love [#39]: Into Winter 2021

    I've finally finished watching Russian Nats and I'm more than impressed. Even with that many injury/C-19-related withdrawals, the event was superexciting. Btw, I must ask this question as I didn't manage to find the answer anywhere - is Leonova still competing? Or just busy organising parties...
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    2020 Santa Claus Cup, Nov 26-29, Budapest, HUN

    Rajicova :eek:. Yanovskaya/Lukacs :cheer2:.
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    RIP Ennio Morricone

    R.I.P. 😢😢😢 2020 is extremely cruel...
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    Olivia de Havilland has passed at the age of 104

    To think that just a week ago, I was watching LADY IN A CAGE with a group of friends of mine... I'm genuinely sad that it turned out to be an early tribute :(. R.I.P., Great Actress. Btw, with her and Kirk Douglas's passing in February, a certain chapter in cinema has closed :(.
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    🤦‍♂️ I'm so sorry, that's what you get when you're 24/7 in front of your laptop and you start confusing what you saw where ;).
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    Wow, it's as surprising as Keiino covering Hatari ;).
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    "Love Shine a Light" together was a definite highlight of the evening. The show was a tad depressing, but the times in which we're living right now are far from optimistic... @allezfred, thank you for organising our ESC once more. It was fun to see scores of some kind in this scoreless year - a...
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    I'm getting prepared - wine and snacks are ready!
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    Voted :). Thanks!
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    Amazing! 🤩

    Amazing! 🤩
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    Absolutely! The way she (mis)pronounces "Cicciolina" makes the song even more precious :D. Btw, does "syntiseksi" really mean "a sinner"? If yes, it's amazing 🤩.
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