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    72nd Emmy Nominations 2020

    And more history made - Zendaya is the youngest person to ever win lead actress in a drama (she turned 24 just 2 weeks ago)! You could tell she genuinely was not expecting it.
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    72nd Emmy Nominations 2020

    Even being Canadian, I didn't actually watch the entire series until this past year. I tried to watch it a few years ago and just could not get into it. Last year I decided to give it another go and just binged the first 5 seasons and was caught up right before the final season began. IMO what...
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    72nd Emmy Nominations 2020

    Anyone watching? Go Schitt's Creek! I must admit I didn't expect Dan to win for supporting actor. Wasn't convinced Eugene would win either. Not surprised Catharine won - she was the one award in any category that I was confident of. And I was pretty sure Dan would win for writing. Love their...
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    Dancing with the Stars, Season 29

    I did see the shadows of a few people up on the top, so I think they may have limited audience. Some of the reactions did seem almost natural (like to Bruno's 3) so I think there were some people there. But at times, it definitely did sound like recorded reactions.
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    Dancing with the Stars, Season 29

    Nelly hasn't aged in 20 years. And that backflip was so light! And high! Poor Pasha. Though Carol may surprise me, based on tonight I think I'm most looking forward to Anne, Skai, Justina, Johnny, and Nev.
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    Dancing with the Stars, Season 29

    Where were all those 4s during Bobby Bones' season?
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    Dancing with the Stars, Season 29

    Last year Kate Flannery did well with new pro Pasha. I thought Johnny was a bit underscored. He was definitely better than some of the others who got 6s. And of course he would wear see-through pants. Loved Anne Heche. She was better than I expected, and having a blast. And Justina was great...
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    Unlucky skaters

    Just for the last two years alone - Gabby Daleman.
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    Dancing with the Stars, Season 29

    I've actually heard of more than half the 'stars' this year! My imaginary money is currently on AJ. I'm predicting his BSB song will be "I Want It That Way'. IIRC Nick did 'Larger Than Life' and 'Everybody', so 'I Want It That Way' would probably be their biggest hit that hasn't been done. I...
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    Chadwick Boseman has died of cancer!

    I thought the same thing - he completed 3 highly physical Marvel movies in that time. It completely blows my mind that he was able to do so while knowingly battling cancer. Condolences to all of his family and friends, and those whose lives he touched.
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 28

    As is Keo :rolleyes:. While I'd rather Artem back instead of Keo, I'm assuming spending time with his newborn son is a little bit more important. It must be the time for the pros to have babies, as that's the reason both Lindsey and Whitney won't be taking part this year. Apparently Lindsey is...
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    Broadway musicals

    And they Tony Awards are back on. The Broadway League and American Theatre Association have announced that there will be a digital Tonys to take place later this year on a date to be announced. I'm glad they're not just skipping it over, as it would be unfair to the shows that were able to...
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    2020 Grand Prix series thread

    Hasn't he trained in Alberta and Ontario for periods in the past? I wouldn't be surprised to see him do so for a few weeks before the event. Though Skate Canada may want to send him to Skate America, since it doesn't put their (in theory) two top men against one another. Also, is Gogolev...
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    72nd Emmy Nominations 2020

    HBC deserves all the awards just for existing. Woman is brilliant at absolutely everything, and the fact that she has so few awards wins is a complete travesty. I also want her to revamp my wardrobe to be as completely bonkers as hers. In any case, hugely proud for Schitt's Creek, and hoping...
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    Gabby Daleman - Miss Ontario

    Reading that article... does anyone actually call her the "Kim Kardashian of figure skating?" But congrats to Gabby.
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