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    Roller competition videos from the 70s

    This is so awesome. It has always fascinated me how developed the sport of roller figure skating has been in Italy actually. The axel jump take offs always look scary LOL
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    The Shibs Start a GoFundMe in Support of USPPE

    Oh my, this is HILARIOUS and so well done. MasterClass Quarantine Edition Their aim is to continue getting support for their GetPPE fundraising campaign. Contributors above a certain level can have a Zoom call with Maia and Alex. Looks like they...
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MAIA! :cheer2: Cross-over training done right. She's got some serious Boxing skillzzzz!
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    Am enjoying watching them, always growing, always on the move. As YouTubers at VidCon with their agency UTA Alex dancing it up with Olympic skiing legend Lindsey Vonn at her career celebration. Maia's abs...
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    This makes me smile. Maia and Alex have always, and continue to "walk the walk" embracing the "responsibility" that comes with their more visible profile to be positive and supportive out in the broader world, going beyond their lives as athletes. Last summer, they also hosted a screening of the...
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    These all event prices are ... just ... wow. :eek:
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    U.S. Ladies [#26]: Bell, Boots, and Camel

    Does anyone know if Alysa is planning to compete during any of the summer competitions ahead of the start of the JGP season? I presume that since these would be "domestic" events, she would by necessity be entered in senior level events (and thus a free program, would need to be adjusted to fit...
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    I agree with GloriaW that skating-wise, they look as strong as ever. Watching Maia especially in the Stars On Ice show, she looks so confident. She literally radiates strength. I thought this was more than subtly highlighted by the way Jeff Buttle assigned certain choreographic highlights in...
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    Evgenia Medvedeva Cheer thread

    So impressed with her maturity as a person foremost, taking OWNERSHIP of her career. One sees this in other skaters who have had great early success, then the very natural challenging experience. In dance, I think of the Shibutani's with their journey, and how they got their career to re-inflect...
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    Pairs Discussion Thread 2019-20: “Two skating as one”

    Sui/Han have demonstrated clearly, an observation that I feel is increasingly true regarding career longevity, comebacks, etc. - and it is that the whole notion of missing a season or part of a season, is not necessarily a handicap. One can achieve the top results, during the most important...
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    U.S. Men 2018-19 season (cont.) - news & updates

    Wow that's pretty brutal. At least he's typically 'trained' at altitude. The whole Colorado Springs test skate idea makes sense, but the altitude is one of the factors which seemed to influence USFS' decision to give the new Raf rink in LA a try for this year's Champs Camp. Hope Tomoki won't be...
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    2019 4CC info/tickets & planning thread (Feb. 5-10, Anaheim, California)

    How are tickets selling? So close to Nationals would make me think some fans would be choosing nationals vs. 4CC, though obviously a different part of the country AND the pull for true fans of seeing top international skaters.
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    Alex must have been so thrilled to be at the Super Bowl to watch his Patriots win last weekend! From the looks of their stories they were there with one of their sponsors Coca-Cola and also went to what was apparently an incredible pre-Super Bowl Foo Fighters concert the night before. I...
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    Elvis Stojko headlines Busch Gardens show

    It's great to see Elvis active performing. Is he still involved as a coach and trainer? Certainly I remember one of his standout strengths was his mental fortitude as a competitor, and it would be cool to see him helping some of the up and coming generation of competitors.
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    The Shibutanis Thread 6: Paradise Found

    Maia's instagram stories for the past 2 days has had an incredible series of photos from their worldwide travels and experiences in 2018. Catch them before they disappear (24 hours!) When seen together, it's amazing to see all the people they've met and the projects they've been up to...
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