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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    When I interviewed with them for a senior role not too many years ago, they were pretty clear this was the priority as they pitched to me the strategic vision. I understand the importance but felt they had a missed opportunity. I have over the years spoken with high-performance athletes who...
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    The issue to me is bigger than anything Wilson or Hersch has said. The net reaction to nationals being cancelled was the culmination of the ongoing frustrations among the Canadian skating community that the federation has not appeared to be engaged in developing its athletes through ingenious...
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    2020-21 Canadian Women News & Updates

    I can't get in to Alison Schumacher. She has zero musicality and just can't get enough speed on jump landings to do a 3/3; can do 2A/3T at best. No hope of getting out of SP at world's at this point. Bausback is the less-etherial version of Alison with similar issues to overcome. I see Kaiya...
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    Idea to hold a “North American Challenge” in mid-Feb 2021?

    The current situation with the v*rus is THE big thing but the other huge barrier is that a pile of Canadian skaters are simply not training right now. Rinks are closed in 3-4 provinces. My understanding is that Skate Canada is going to set something up if they can but they can't plan it until...
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    2020-21 Canadian Women News & Updates

    ehhhhh, ok. I mean, on one hand she could win Nationals, because 2020. On the other hand, I'm guessing one clean program for OIP was likely a chore. I'm not the expert here but most videos I have seen from OIP are one continuous single-camera video take. Notice that new footage was edited in...
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    2020-21 Skate Canada Challenge & qualifying season announcement

    This is a smart decision with no 4CC. I wouldn't be surprised if world's got pushed out, too, to buy some time for the crud to slow down as the weather warms. There won't be much of a show season so as long as athletes have ice to train on, I could see world's happening as late as into May of...
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    2020-21 Programs and Choreographers

    This should be interesting. That 20s clip had more transitions than I've ever seen in a whole program from Nic.
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    2020-21 Programs and Choreographers

    Cool choice for the short. The direction isn't much of a departure for them but the song itself has some interesting elements to play with. They'll probably do well with it although it might be even more rivetting from a pair with a little more heat to their dynamic.
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    2020-21 Programs and Choreographers

    That SP: :love: Satoko's skating speaks to me with the wisdom of a thousand generations. While I respect differences in tastes, I fail to understand how anyone simply could not be drawn in by her every move.
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    Skate Canada names 2020-2021 National Team

    Actually that :D
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    Skate Canada names 2020-2021 National Team

    I got messaged from a skater 15 mins ago asking me to post exactly this point. In this person's words, "SC gives ZERO funding to the National team."....and "being on the National Team means literally nothing". So yes, the funding comes from other sources - Sport Canada, Own the Podium, etc.
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    To what extent were you convinced that was their music instead of someone else on the ice running their programs? I say that because.....barf.
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    FSU: Rank the 2020 Programs of the Year

    Would love to participate...but apparently it requires watching all 20 free dances to respond Will check back in for singles and pairs thanks.
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    Masks, Shields and other protection

    Adidas makes amazing lightweight, breathable, keep-cool masks. I got a 3 pack ($16 in US, $22 in Canada) two weeks ago and have been wearing them inside and outside - didn't sweat. Ear loops not adjustable but don't pull your ears forward. Air does sneak out the top so your glasses still fog.
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    Seriously. I mean, this is where it's been headed and will likely end up. Cold-weather countries face trying conditions again in the fall leading into winter, where migration indoors will help fuel spikes on new cases that most ISU countries will scramble to manage. Anything that is held will...
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