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    Royalty Thread #10 -Archie Phase 2 - Bold and Bald Still

    I watched the documentary online. Meghan seems very sweet and caring, well spoken, but naive. The reason the US tabloids weren’t so bad to her was because “Suits” wasn’t going to make tabloids big money. As a royal, there will be aggressive paparazzi here too. I was surprised she didn’t...
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    Sasha Cohen engaged, expecting a baby

    Beautiful pictures on her instagram from Paris in the fall.
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    Royalty Thread #10 -Archie Phase 2 - Bold and Bald Still

    How does everyone feel about Meghan’s clip from the ITV documentary? I have mixed feelings. First, I do feel empathy for her. She’s had quite a year and a half and it certainly has had enormous challenges. I think it will play well to the US audience. I feel that by showing emotion and...
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    Second Democratic Debate

    I never said any of that. All I commented on was that Harris is capable of connecting with people even if she’s not seen as having a warm personality. Her poll numbers going up show that. Many of my millennial friends have her in the top tier and so do I. But I don’t think any of us feel...
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    Second Democratic Debate

    But I don’t think it matters if she’s warm and fuzzy as long as she continues to be able to give quick stories like the child with the fever and the parents debating whether or not to go in the hospital. Another example is when she described the rape victim afraid to report because she’d risk...
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    The Pointless and Petty Annoyances Thread

    I think that’s because most Americans grow up with Memorial Day as the beginning of summer, BBQ, day off work, sales at the mall, and so it equals a celebration and not a day for reflection. Sad but true. Our town even has a banner that says Happy Memorial Day to advertise their parade.
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    The Pointless and Petty Annoyances Thread

    Yes! I thought I was the only one who cringed when Kurt Browning did this.
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    The Pointless and Petty Annoyances Thread

    This seems to becoming more popular at least amongst my acquaintances and friends on Facebook - posting a picture or video of your dog with a written internal dialogue. There will be a nice picture of a golden retriever with a tennis ball and then the inane comment “Me zo happy Iz got dee...
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    Should governments end Corporate Welfare?

    I think Obama helping GM was controversial but with the economy at the time so low, losing more jobs really would have been disastrous for so many middle class Americans in states like Wisconsin and Michigan. It would not just be plant jobs but also dealerships across the US. And if the US...
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    Royalty Thread #7: Do They Get Frequent Flier Miles?

    I thought eugenies dress and jewelry were absolutely perfect for her. Definitely one of my all time royal favorites, although Beatrice Borromeo (Monaco) wins for me in the modern era.
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    Self serving and self righteous describes just about everyone in the GOP and administration, so it will take a while to find the author.
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    US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring

    So Kavanaugh is close to the Bush family, who I imagine, are not fans of Trump and prefer Republicans like Mueller. In fact, I would say Kavanaugh owes much of his success to the Bush family. So, if it does go to the court, will Kavanaugh go against the Bush family and side with Trump? His...
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    CNN's Anthony Bourdain dead (suicide reported)

    His parts unknown shows were so interesting and he had a fabulous way of getting people to open up and be very genuine with him. He made the world a smaller, more intimate place. May his family take comfort in knowing that.
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    Summer holiday to Europe-- what must we see?

    Another Berlin fan. Spend as much time as you can there. Prague and Budapest are more beautiful, however. I liked Bratislava, but as you predicted, you only need a day to see everything. I like Vienna too; the classical music concerts are not as top-notch in the summer but there are often...
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    The idea that environmental policy is a local issue and not a national one is nonsense. Yes, by all means, it is important to be involved locally and the state level. But I live in upstate NY. If Ohio decides to pollute, Lake Erie affects me. If the wind blows, I'll be sharing their air. If...