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    What does re-opening look like?

    Not with the attitude that seems to be the norm in the US.
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    What does re-opening look like? Border between US and Canada closed until the end of July.
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    Mean Woman Blues - Roy Orbison
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    News & Experiences continued

    I can't remember if it was this thread re: US tourists, but anyway, they've been fined.
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    Rambling Rose - Nat King Cole
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    Forecasting for C*vid-19 has failed

    Before this all happened, if you would have told people to sit closer than usual, they would have had a hairball. Now? In your face, in your space and let's be buddies. ;) Yes indeed. In my corner of the world, we've had few cases because most people were being careful. Today? It's all...
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    The Medical Thread: Vaccine Search / Staying Healthy / Treatments Etc This sounds promising, another tool for the tool box.
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    Wildlife in Your Own Backyard

    coywolf? or coydog? They're a little more agressive. I live rural, so the amount of wild life I see and take for granted is fairly numerous. I do a short walk every morning. During the winter time, the deer, jack rabbits and the owls, just glare at me. I am a nuisance to them. ;) I...
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    Really, part deux

    Hiya, welcome @SonOfALee . Your mom always referred to you by your chat name on fsw........I believe it was snowflake. :)
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    News & Experiences continued

    Dual citizenship changes the picture totally. They are on record of living in Canada. They have a very good reason for being here and travelling back and forth. And they are probably being fairly smart about it as well. BUT as others have stated the people in question, lied. Just so you...
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    News & Experiences continued

    What do we hear over and over again? Be safe, mindful, use common sense. Nothing wrong with travelling from Texas to Alaska if that's what you're doing. On your way, preferably in a motor home.......stay out of restaurants, buy your own groceries, do your own cooking........right now it's...
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    News & Experiences continued

    I am seriously not impressed, actually let me rephrase this, I am seriously po'd. While much of the tourist traffic in Canada's mountain parks has dropped off due to the...
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    Things I’m sick of tbh.....

    It is, and you'd think it would be kind of a habit by now, but you don't do it cuz it's safer to stay home and so it's huge learning curve every time you go shopping. I worked at our community garden today, was talking to another of the volunteers. She was kind of blue, unthinking I gave her...
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    Really, part deux

    Goodbye Lee. I'll miss you. My heart breaks for your family. They are really missing you. Really. Day 1293 June 8th, 2020 7:20 p.m.
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    Well, I'm Cdn so my pov...........a white guy everytime. They have the entitlement attitude.
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