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    Skate Canada 2021- All the details you want to know

    Visas for the Russians seem to have come in time: .
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    Jessica Calalang Cleared of Drug Violation

    I am in love with Jessica now. Not in any erotic sense (fye!) but in platonically admiring her class. She has not blamed anyone, she has only said positive things about others, and she has quietly worked to get herself cleared. This is a hero. And so are her partner and coaching team.
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    Netflix “Bad Sport” documentary series (featuring SLC Pairs)

    I watched those programmes at the time and I still don't get it. Sure, S/P were clean but they did have the most simple programme (in terms of steps and such). B/Z had a much more complicated programme, with a step out. So indeed S/P were the best of the night with regard to cleanliness. But if...
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    Alena Leonova announces her retirement and is expecting her first child

    I mostly remember her great Pirates programme (with which she got that Silver Worlds medal), and a good memory it is!
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    Pairs Discussion Thread 2021-22

    Funnily, I really miss the SBS spins in the FS. I don't particularly like the Pair spins (looks too much like the Dance spin) but I do like the SBS ones as a typical pairs element. I do get a thrill out of them when they are done well and perfectly synchronised. I hope they never get dropped...
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    Tarah Kayne details abuse allegations against sanctioned coach Sappenfield

    What I don't get, is that Alexa and Chris let her be the one to officiate at their marriage. I'm pretty sure these two did not know what was going on exactly, but it still feels strange. Did she act differently towards them (presumably: yes), and especially towards Alexa? Especially as it seems...
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    2021/2022 Canadian Pairs: News and Updates

    I only know that W/M really want to fight for the spot: .
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    2022 Four Continents Comes To Rude Euro Land (Relocation to Tallinn)

    I thought it was intentional to use duel instead of dual (was thinking about Candeloro doing a duel on the ice or even about Federations duelling for the top spot). Makes for some nice jokes in any case.
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    2021-22 ISU Challenger Series announced

    I responded. I told them I decided not to buy when I realised it would not be possible to watch on demand. It's the complete truth. I would have bought otherwise. I don't even need an 'on demand' option for months going forward. It would have been and will be fine just to be able to watch...
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    Provisional allotments for ISU Championships 2022, 2023 & 2024; future bids discussion

    This goes perhaps a bit too far. These federations do value the championships, would have stepped up if China had been earlier in their refusal, and now in the end it's Estonia (whom I can't thank enough) who makes use of the experience at Euros. I'm thankful, and don't blame these 'rich'...
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    2021-22 ISU Challenger Series announced

    If there's going to be on demand, I'm in. I really am interested in the Pairs competition but I do have to work during the live performances.
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    Provisional allotments for ISU Championships 2022, 2023 & 2024; future bids discussion

    I just want to say: Hurray for Estonia for picking up the 4cc after that absurdly late withdrawal making it impossible for any other other country in the 4 continents to do so (for many reasons given in various threads and posts). It's not to Estonia's own advantage but they can make use of the...
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    2022 Four Continents Comes To Rude Euro Land (Relocation to Tallinn)

    This. I happen to enjoy the up and coming 4th to 6th Dance Teams in the US and Canada. Same thing with the singles, but then obviously including Japanese and Korean singles skaters. Pairs: exactly the same thing. Canada and the US (and China, but I'm not sure any Chinese will come at all) have...
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    2021-22 ISU Challenger Series announced

    If only 'on demand' during the course of the competition would be helpful. I had planned to buy a ticket, but my favourite discipline is taking place during working hours, and I had planned to watch in the evenings. If that's not even possible, why buy?
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