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    Minimum Total Element Scores (TES) for 2023 ISU Championships

    Never have we Dutchies had two pairs at a WC (in fact it was the first time we had one in 2021) This information makes me so happy!
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    Kurt & Alissa are married

    Congratulations! And such lovely pictures!
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    Interview with Ted Barton about recent developments in skating

    Ted is great. Great (positive) comments after the skating, about the skating, not the skater.
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    2021/2022 Canadian Men: News and Updates

    So now when you're in love with your kid you're 'flaunting your heterosexuality'? Please. I enjoy the pride Keegan has in his firstborn. Is that flaunting heterosexuality? It's just joy in his kid (and his wife). Saying things like 'flaunting heterosexuality" turns him into a homophobic - and...
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    Sinnerman, Sinnerman, Sinnerman. Best programme I've ever seen. Why aren't you just proud of a guy who can skate to it? Nobody else can. Whether they have quintiples or quadraple axels? It might not be gold, but it is definitely watchable. I cried. it moved me so much.
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    2021/2022 Canadian Men: News and Updates

    I'm just thinking about good nerves and bad nerves. I love to speak at seminars or be a guest lecturer at Universities but I still get the nerves. Usually it's one sentence when my voice isn't perfect but then I just go. And, also, I get into the flow and I even get compliments for how well it...
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    German Skating News - Season 2021/2022

    Nicole Schott had a really nice and good skate at the TE in Beijing. Not that it would be enough for the team to reach the Final (which was impossible in any case) but it must be nice to show your uttermost best on Olympic Ice! Good for Nicole!
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    2021/2022 Canadian Ladies: News and Updates

    I totally agree. It would really be unfair to put this kind of pressure on her. I hope she has a good skate, whatever the ranking, and that she's pleased with her performance. Team Canada in 5 or 6th. I realise of course it's a big deal whether you get to skate the Free or not, just not to...
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    German Skating News - Season 2021/2022

    I wish I could watch....but the video has not been made available in my country. Thanks a lot Arte!
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    U.S. Pairs 2021-22 season - News & Updates, Part X

    Emily and Spencer really were awesome for me at 4CC in the FS. Sure, Audrey and Misha were better (in terms of elements), but Emily and Spencer were just so into the programme, really inspiring. Looks like the US really has a bright future in pairs - not that the current crop is doing badly. I...
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    OES News 2021/2022 Season

    Tatarata! Josefin and Nicolaj are going to the Olympics!
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    German Skating News - Season 2021/2022

    Oh my, this looks to be interesting! And isn't Aleander König a nice person to give credit where it's due even though he and JF were credited with this at the time (although it was mentioned all along that Martin S. was also present at that meeting). Looking forward to seeing it...if that's at...
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    German Skating News - Season 2021/2022

    Nikita Starostin's Free skate was a joy to watch at Euros. Oh, he hasn't got a quad yet, but everything else was really very good. And he was so happy afterwards. It nearly made me cry (but for joy). What a great talent. Paul Fentz had less to be joyful about. He did manage to jump a quad...
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    German Skating News - Season 2021/2022

    Looks like it....
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    How lovely a gift, whether you play or not. Nothing male-specific about it. I used to play when I was a lot younger, and I'm a woman. I don't think I'm the only one either!
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