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    OES News 2019/20 Season

    Filip Scerba, CZE junior men and sole men entry at 2020 Junior Worlds retired, partly due to health but mostly due to education reasons. He is starting his last season in Secondary School with final examines and he chosed Medicine studies in Charles' University in Prague from 21/22 season and he...
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    OES News 2019/20 Season

    One of them injured (partner is Lukacs), They will be back next season.
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    2019/20 Junior Grand Prix pre-season news & discussion thread

    With Matteo Zanni and Collin Brubaker. They were with Matteo half season las season already so only following his move to US.
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    2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games, January 9-22 in Lausanne, Switzerland

    Sammy, Mykyta Husakov is Ukrainian without Czech passport, currently trying to pursue his long time residence in Czech Republic, so the team should be ready to skate later in the season and no way They should be able to take part in Lausanne (as he is holding Ukrainian passport only).
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    U.S. Pairs 2018-19 season - News & Updates, Part IX

    In no way, in this case Sylvia is going to bring the statistics on the table how many times the tapirs took part in Nationals between 1875 and 1953 and how succesfull in all levels they've been. Sylvia = our Data-God :encore:
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    2018 Olympics - Qualification rules for singles, pairs, dance & Team event

    The Czech Test skate went in Ostrava last weekend. Duskova / Bidar were great in the short, scoring nearly 70 points with all Level 4 elements! (and ya know Czech pannels are always harsh and strict in most cases and many skaters are recieveing their sesons best in international competitions...
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    German Skating News - Part 3

    ISU pick ups (their Development Commission) under the results of Junior Worlds. The change of sending it directly is done for around 7/8 years now. It was deciding because some skaters never recieved it from their Feds. The problem is if the skater is quitting or pair/dance team is splitting...
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    Skaters and retirement

    And his wife (who is a MD working in traumacentre in Prague) was never an ice dancer before. So great achievment to her as well.
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    2018 Olympics - Qualification rules for singles, pairs, dance & Team event

    Nicole (now Kuzmichova) was granted Czech citizenship in December 2016, so she and Alexander Sinicyn could skate in OWG. Cortney (Mansour) is working on hers too. If you se the WC country places Kuzmichova/Sinicyn were 6th country under the line and with Danes out their success is not that in...
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    Australian skating news

    Isn't Chantelle switched to Dance currently?
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    Living the PyeongChang Dream: Korean skaters strive toward 2018

    It would be great if you can find and share list of participating teams.
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    The development of skating in Southeast Asia & OAS skater updates

    Never more, Seerek, by last ISU Comm with TES for this season ISU Champs you have to score in the same category (for EC and WC in senior Calendar events, for JW in junior calendar events which was the case also before).
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    German Skating News - Part 3

    What a skating mamma is splitting even a God should be in trouble to build again....
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    Rafael Arutyunyan will use THE RINKS – Lakewood ICE as main training facility

    Yes, only some possible "cleaning" and I can confirm the FS is for "Once Upon a Time in the West" movie.
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    Rafael Arutyunyan will use THE RINKS – Lakewood ICE as main training facility

    Probably yes, beacuse he told me like two or three years ago he would really like to skate this music.
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