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    What do people here think of Jill Trenary

    It seems like the "hate" for Trenary started after she won 1990 Worlds over Midori. People acted like Jill somehow stole the gold medal from Ito, when all she did was do her job: skated well enough in all three segments of the competition to nab the overall title. Jill's hairstyle wasn't that...
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    DL is not a great interviewer. The questions and the transitions between questions are often awkward and lacking. Still, I do give him credits for being able to score interviews with so many people in the skating community and having the only consistent content about skating on utube for the...
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    Dream Olympic Podiums 2 weeks away from the Games

    Men: 1. Yuma Kagiyama - What a surprise that would be! 2. Nathan Chen 3. Vincent Zhou - just because he seems to have a lot of haters in the U.S., LOL Dance: 1. Papadakis & Cizeron 2. Chock & Bates 3. Guinard & Fabbri Pairs: 1. Sui & Han 2. Tarasov & Morozov 3. Mishina & Galliamov
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    What do people here think of Jill Trenary

    "Tacky" is a weird adjective to describe Jill's skating and style. What was tacky about her programs ? I do think her style (shoulder pads, hair) and some of her programs (ie the SP in 88 done by Bezic!) don't age well, but I would say Jill was stylish for her era. Her best programs were the...
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    Are the OGMs in the 2022 Olympics the most predictable ever?

    I think MK was considered a lock for 2002. Kwan headed into the Games after winning Worlds back-to-back: 2000 and 2001. The Olympic was in U.S. soil, which supposedly gave her home field advantage, whatever that meant. If she had stood up she would have won. The judges wanted her to win. Kurt...
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    Are the OGMs in the 2022 Olympics the most predictable ever?

    I don't know if Nathan is a sure thing in Beijing. One fall in the SP can be all that is needed to knock him out of the gold medal. I don't think he has been rock solid this whole season, and both of his programs this year, IMO, are uninspiring. I think two clean, inspiring skates from someone...
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    Nathan Chen Fan Thread #2

    Wow, i'm really surprised Vera Wang came up with that cheeto colored top for Nathan. Her designs are usually very elegant and non-flashy. She really went out of the box for this one. Was she inspired by Ed Hardy ?
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't like Chen's Rocket Man program. I feel nothing watching it. I wish he and his team would have put the effort into putting together two good new programs instead of rehashing two old ones, but I'm not a fan in general of anyone re-using programs. This is about some of the coaches's...
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    To be fair, Gogolev has never put out any performances that were remotely close to anything that Ilia put out this past two days. Nor has he ever demonstrated any crazy 3-4 combos on social media like Ilia has on his. But yes, I agree that you cannot predict how any young talent will developed.
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    RIP Bob Saget

    The news was shocking. Only 65, and he didn't look that old. Admittedly I've never been a fan of Saget's style of humor, but I was sad to hear of his passing at such an early age.
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    U.S. Women [#2]: The Unbearable Lightness of Beijing

    In Alysa's SP, I was sad to see that her new team had removed the posing section. That was my favorite part of the entire routine! Does anyone know who was the other guy other than Drew sitting in the K&C with Alysa?
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    It's not a guarantee that Ilia will be around or still be the hot shot skater when 2026 rolls around. Look at someone like Tiffany Chin in 84, for example. Granted the burnout issue usually occurs more among women skaters than men, but Ilia could, God forbid, have a serious injury that derail...
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    Skate Canada 2022 Olympics selection criteria

    I wonder why Vanessa's solo triples have been so wonky this season. I remember her 3t and 3s as both being very solid when she skated with Morgan. She looks to be in great shape this year. It can't be age that causing her to no longer be consistent on the jumps. I hope she and Eric can put...
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    Nathan Chen Fan Thread #2

    The jacket doesn't look fitted to me, particularly at the waist area. I think it would look better if it was tapered in at the waist. At least it no longer look like Nathan is simply wearing a long sleeves T from the Gap.
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    Bad Callers - Calling out Bad Calls

    I wish there was a voice over explaining why you think so and so jump was incorrectly called. I mean I saw the slow-mo of Bell 3-3 and lutz, for example, and didn't see any under-rotations. The same goes for Liu's 3-3. You think that was under-rotated ? I did enjoy watching the video though...
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