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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    The USOC says that all the sports have to have a Trials. That’s the only reason they’re held. The team had long been picked and everyone knew it. The debate over that team was hotly contested and at that point in time, a lot of people did not have Maggie on their team. I was one of them...
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    I was a fan of Djokovic but his actions over the past few months...I don’t think I can be anymore. I might still root for him a bit because I had an attachment but this whole mess was something else. This didn’t have to happen. I feel bad for the people who they’re all inadvertently putting...
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    Chris Reed has passed away

    This is beyond heartbreaking. May he rest in peace.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    Piling on the difficulty didn’t help her in 2016; in fact, she concentrated on that at the expense of form. It’s not going to be any different this quad. That triple-double is nowhere close to being competition ready.
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    (Updated) Denis Ten Murdered: was stabbed in the thigh

    I just read about this and I sat still for several minutes. I couldn't comprehend it. What an utter loss. RIP Denis.
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    I'm so happy for Novak. After all his physical and mental struggles it must be so wonderful to stand in the winner's circle again. After his match in Rome with Rafa, even while he wasn't at his best, that's when I realized he was making his way back. Congrats to him and Anderson, who played...
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    U.S. Ladies [#21]: Wrapped Up with a Neat Little BOW

    Such overreaction everywhere. It doesn't matter who goes to Worlds because those 3 spots aren't going to be earned and they're honestly not needed.
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    Mirai Nagasu Cheer thread: Return to Olympus

    Mirai is completely a victim of politics and getting punished more severely than others. I cannot understand why. She should have been up there with Daleman and Choi completely underrotated her 3T. I'm proud of Mirai for throwing the 3A and fighting after that mistake. I hope she has a...
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    The Shibutanis Thread Cinco...Mambo!

    ITA. The Shibs have been the team that's most been under the microscope and they've always risen to the occasion. I'm so proud of them.
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    Mirai Nagasu Cheer thread: Return to Olympus

    I'm so thrilled for Mirai! Her having a medal was all I wanted from this Olympics.
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    RIP Dolores O' Riordan/Cranberries

    This really hit me. She had such a beautiful voice. May she rest in peace.
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    Ross Miner Out Of Olympic Team (OFFICIAL)

    Using Sarah Hughes as an example doesn't paint the whole picture. She wasn't a favorite to win, no, but her resume was miles better than Miner. She was a multiple Nationals, Grand Prix medalist and won a Worlds bronze. She didn't come out of nowhere.
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    Mark Mitchell: "Why would they come back to the rink?"

    One competition does not mean that you should go to Olympics or Worlds. So, that means the summer competitions, the Senior Bs, the Grand Prix...does that not matter? Because that seems to be what MM, Ross and certain fans and media are trying to say. Adam showed up for the season but for the...
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    Ross Miner Out Of Olympic Team (OFFICIAL)

    STILL NOT COMPARABLE. US Gymnasts rarely compete internationally. This is not the case for skaters.
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    Ross Miner Out Of Olympic Team (OFFICIAL)

    I don't ever want to hear about Max being disrespected again.
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