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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    I feel ill:
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    I really like both women, should be a good final.
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    Boring Facts About You

    I like both coffee and beer.
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    The propaganda is that Biden is being controlled by the Bernie wing of the party who are socialists who support the Castro and Maduro regimes. Therefore, Trump is better for Latinos 🙄🙄🙄
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    Boring Facts About You

    Same, but replace silver Camry with blue Honda CRV. I had straight hair as a kid but it became wavy after puberty.
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    2020 Non-Presidential U.S. Elections

    Happy Markey won! Not surprised though, as there were easily 3 Markey signs for every Kennedy sign in my area.
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    Biden/Harris the new Democratic Slate for POTUS

    I think this point is so understated. I had the most boring, textbook pregnancy and delivery on the planet (thankfully!) and it still does such a number on your body and mind. Even the “easiest” pregnancy is never easy. Your body is changed in so many ways, none of them good. Not that Becca...
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    I have high lipase as well! And if it isn’t straight from the tap, baby Oleada is not interested these days.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    Watching Unwell. People are dumb. I do hate how this industry preys on those who are desperately seeking for a cure or help. But I also kind of want to find some moron who will buy frozen breastmilk for his workout smoothies and take all the breast milk in my freezer that my bougie ass kid won’t...
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    Steve Bannon Arrested for Wire Fraud

    I see 2020 is finally reading our reviews. Trump also lost his tax case. Terrible 12 hours for him. So sad to see :violin:
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    Things I Actually Like About These Times

    My husband working from home means he can see baby Oleada a lot more. He would normally be traveling a lot for work but since it’s all been cancelled and we can spend more time as a family.
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    Shortages Real and Feared

    I found a random antibacterial spray at CVS and a Method antibacterial spray at Target. I have one mostly full Up and Up Lysol imitation. I haven’t seen any wipes in ages.
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    Biden/Harris the new Democratic Slate for POTUS

    But will Mother have to chaperone? I’m thrilled with the choice!
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    I really enjoyed Mucho Mucho Amor , Netflix’s documentar on Walter Mercado. I grew up watching him but never knew much about him beyond the flashy persona. It was a very humanizing look at him and it made me really like his positive outlook and what a trailblazer he was! I was one of those who...
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