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    Supershuttle is back, as Supershuttle Express

    I was in the Washington DC area. The service used to be great but then deteriorated and there were numerous complaints and bad reviews on Yelp. At present, they are limiting the number of shared rides. The rate for pickup at SeaTac airport to my hotel is Seattle is currently $70.08 which...
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    Supershuttle is back, as Supershuttle Express

    I gave up on Super Shuttle after they failed to pick me up on two separate occasions. It wasn't worth the hassle of trying to find a last-minute ride to the airport and nearly missing my flight. Their service had declined considerably by the time they went out of business. I'm going on a...
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    Your Favorite Sandwiches (yum)

    I like Subway's BMT but it's been at least a year since I've had one. If I order a sandwich at a restaurant, it's usually a Reuben. At home I make grilled cheese sandwiches with cheddar cheese. I add tomatoes and dill pickles. I also cook Morning Star veggie burgers and add cheddar cheese...
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    It’s So Effing Cold

    My nephew in the Dallas/Ft Worth area now has water in one bathroom sink and a toilet. Their electricity came back on briefly two days ago but that lasted about an hour. They are keeping warm with lots of blankets and are cooking on their grill.
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    2021 US Nationals Ladies FS: Friday Night and the Lights Are Liu--Who Will Be Björn Again?

    My cat Annie is sitting by me as I'm watching the Peacock stream. During the ice resurface, she kept trying to grab the Zamboni.
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    Ann Reinking has passed away

    Aretha Franklin died in August 2018.
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    Strange but True Things You've Said or Heard on the Telephone

    Voice mail left on my phone at work: "If you hear telephone wires buzzing overhead when you're outside, it's the government listening in on your thoughts. They have equipment that can infiltrate your brain." The caller then threatened to kill the President, Vice President, and Secretary of...
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    I haven't had problems with halos or glare at night except when my allergies are bad. I don't remember how much I paid. It may have been $3,500 but I'm not sure. I used a Care credit card that didn't charge interest for 24 months.
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    I had cataract surgery in January 2016 and chose the multi-focal lenses. They were more expensive but the cost was worth it to me. I was extremely near sighted but could read without glasses before the surgery. Now I use cheap reading glasses only for the smallest type and don't need them for...
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    Really, part deux

    So very sorry, Gerry.
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    Memes and humor to lift your spirits up
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    Memes and humor to lift your spirits up

    Quilted Northern Rustic Weave toilet paper. Available now at your local lumber yard.
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    Project Runway 18

    Really, Sergio? His ego is so big he probably thinks the judges are too stupid to notice when he copies ideas and tries to claim he's never seen them before. I liked Geoffrey's jacket but not the latex panties. My least favorite look was Brittany's. It looked as though she had somehow...
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    Survivor: Winners at War

    Why are Sandra and Rob still in the game? You'd think they would be among the first to go. I do like Sandra, though. Natalie is so entertaining. I hope she continues to get fire tokens and that she gets back into the game. I've watched every season of Survivor but don't remember some of...
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