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    U.S. Men 2019-20 season - news & updates

    Are you serious? I know everyone is in the biggest rush they can be to forget him, but this paragraph is just an insult. Everyone is trying very hard to forget that Max saw this coming three years before Nathan even made his Senior debut at Nationals. He got punished for it, denigrated...
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    U.S. Men 2019-20 season - news & updates

    And who inspired Nathan? Because it didn't just come out of nowhere. No, we can't, because it wasn't him. It just wasn't until him that USFS finally pulled their heads out of their asses and realised that yes, multiple quads were the way to go, and oh, maybe we shouldn't have squashed that one...
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    Chantelle Kerry/Andrew Dodds (AUS) Rhythm Dance: Rocky Horror Picture Show medley (including "Sweet Transvestite" and "Time Warp") source: Andrew's instagram stories (@andrew_dodds) - the stories also come with choreo clips which look lots of fun
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    From Russia with Love [#33]: Summer 2019

    She's fcuking tiny! By any standard! By claiming she is "heavy" when she is so clearly, clearly not, you are supporting unhealthy ideas.
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    U.S. Men 2019-20 season - news & updates

    When I was at US Nationals this year I felt very much like a whole warm-up group was "missing" - which to an extent it was. The massive difference between the other US men - who were all quite nice, pleasant skaters - and the top three or four (Jason, Nathan, Tomoki, Vincent) was significant and...
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    JoJo Gomez, Choreographer, Accuses Daniil Gleikhengauz of Stealing Her Work

    Just assume that it's happened as soon as Tinami posts.
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    From Russia with Love [#33]: Summer 2019

    Heavy? Are you fcuking joking? People like you are the reason eating disorders are so prevalent in this sport. Absolutely vile, disgusting post.
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    2019/20 ISU Grand Prix Assignments & Alternates thread

    Team Australia is about what I expected. One day Brendan will get two assignments in the first round, but it is not this day. Katia and Harley just missed too many events last year to get two. And Kailani's season didn't go well enough. That's fine. Happy for Jason at SkAm and NHK, which seem...
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    Friendships with People with Completely Different POV's

    How is it that all the people who are encouraging OP to keep this person in her life can't see this is exactly how we ended up with Trump and co? Because we normalised it, because we told people not to cut toxic people out of their lives, because we made up all this guff about echo chambers and...
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    Friendships with People with Completely Different POV's

    I think the "echo chamber" argument is disingenuous. We're not talking about a minor difference of opinion here. OP's friend has made it blatantly clear that he views OP as a lesser human being than him. He supports ideas that are actually dangerous to the OP's health and safety. He's toxic and...
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    Bids for ISU Championships 2021 & 2022; Provisional allotments in 2020/21

    ... Sydney is further to the east. Therefore, it is closer to the US by timezone than many of the Asian cities where FS is held. So, it's actually less of a time change. Or, to put it another way: Sydney is GMT +10. Taipei is GMT +8. Los Angeles is GMT -7. Los Angeles is 17 hours behind...
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    Approaching officials after events

    Hmm, I don't recall if there's anything official. I just remember being told what to do if someone did. If something was written up, I think it would be very important to make clear the proper procedure for requesting clarification. I know TCs and referees who get emails from parents/coaches...
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    Australian skating news

    I hope they jagged the trains direct to and from the city for the event! That would be helpful with numbers!
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    Bids for ISU Championships 2021 & 2022; Provisional allotments in 2020/21

    ISA just announced it'll be at the Sydney Olympic Park, so my guess is the Qudos Bank Arena (where they hold Disney on Ice). Qudos Bank is a nice arena, there's loads of hotels in the area, and hopefully ISA have managed to swing it so the train runs direct to the city for the duration of the...
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    Women's World Cup 2019

    I think it was less the scoreline and more like the massive celebration and the bragging about the scoreline. Yes, yes, well done, you put a big score on Thailand. Come back to us with the celebration when you beat someone on your level by that many. It sort of reminds me of the big kid beating...