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    Abortion discussions - latest court cases

    Aristotle (4th century BC) believed that a male embryo acquired a soul 40 days after conception and a female embryo acquired one after 80-90 days as is mentioned in the following article:
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    Abortion discussions - latest court cases

    This is not true. While there were different views during history on the time when a human being acquires a soul, ideas of ensoulment at conception or in early pregnancy date back to the ancient Greeks.
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    The Medical Thread: Vaccine Search / Staying Healthy / Treatments Etc

    I got up early in the morning, queued up at 7am at a vaccination center at 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and there were already 50 people in front of me. The center opened at 9am and at 10:30am I received my Pfizer booster. I'm very relieved as the situation in my town is getting out of control. I...
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    News & Experiences continued

    I live in Dresden, the epicenter of the German pan*demic, and it is easy to understand why that is. There is a large amount of people that are so fanatical against vaccinations that you can't get through them with any rational argument. Some people I know are willing to lose their jobs or even...
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    Violent Vigilantes Require Our Vigilence

    The article hardly contains evidence that he was a white supremacist, but only mentions that this was alleged by the prosecution and denied by the defense.
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    The Biden-Harris Administration

    The Democrates are well-represented in at least some of the media like for instance MSNBC or CNN, also New York Times and WaPo are not exactly Republican leaning. The problem of Biden passing his agenda is not primarily the media but his ultraslim majority in the Senate which makes him...
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    Political news from elsewhere

    Whoever manages a coalition with a majority deserves to be chancellor, and if Laschet suceeds to pull the Greens and the FDP in a coalition, it's completely legitimate for him to lead Germany. However, this seems currently rather unlikely. Even though Laschet's campaign was indeed littered with...
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    German Skating Season 2020-21

    And if anyone is interested there is a live stream for Zwinger Pokal: At 7:15 pm today Weinzierl, Dastich and Helleken will skate their short programs.
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    If no recording exists we will never know for sure. And yes, the reaction of the boyfriend in such a stressful situation is understandable, and he was not charged for shooting at the police. And it is also true that if there were stricter gun laws in the US, the boyfriend might not have had...
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    It is undisputed that Breonna Taylor's boyfriend fired at the police first which was the reason why they fired back, which then caused Breonna's tragic death. Whether or not the police officer was hit by the boyfriend or by another police officer is rather irrelevant here.
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    U.S. Supreme Court & judicial system

    What does one thing has to do with the other? Last time I've heard birth control pills don't work in men so they will not want to buy and use them and condoms can be purchased by men and women.
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    The Glorious Otonals: Who did it best?

    Eurosport: ABC: Enjoy!
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    Anna's first 4Lz was called under-rotated, the second one was not. That's also how it looked to me in slow-motion.
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    It is not that hard to see on slow-motion that Anna rotates on the ice for about half a rotation on her 4 Lutz before she is going into the air. If the jump is then also short of rotation (like her first lutz in CoC) then she indeed only rotates a bit more than three times in the air on her...
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