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    Satoko Myahara has retired from competition

    Perfect Satoko. I will miss her so much - and have already missed her so much. Her spins, her grace, her understated but truly felt performance quality, her attention to detail down to a flick of the pinky finger. I still feel wuzrobbed for not seeing her Star Wars/Holst program one last time...
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    Mariah Bell cheer thread: Rise Up

    Even though I watched this live myself (not in person), I still teared up all over again just reading this. This has been my wish for her for a long time. How satisfying to see it play out like this. I could not be happier for her. I hope she shows everything she's capable of in Beijing. The...
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    The Josefin Taljegard Appreciation Thread

    I am so excited − and so surprised − to hear this news! I'm over the moon for Josefin. I found the SOC's previous policy so sad and wrong-headed and just plain ignorant about world class skating. Top 8 was just a crazy standard to stick to. Top 20 or 24 in the world is a great achievement in...
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    Russian women news & updates, 2021-22 season

    I always worried this one would break my heart. Whatever happens, I am henceforth going to consider her 2020 World Champion and so if she manages to keep going, so much the better!
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    Russian women news & updates, 2021-22 season

    :confused: Who is Eteri's 2nd daughter?
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I think tights over boots can look good.
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    The Josefin Taljegard Appreciation Thread

    I loved her! Personally, it might have been the highlight of the ladies' FS for me. ETA: Besides Karen!
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    A Divine Sport blog

    Great interview, Claire. Thank you!
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    Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya passed away

    This is just devastating. I couldn't believe it when I saw it on Apple News this morning. I'm in tears reading about Katia and the tributes posted to her. It's so hard to climb out of that hole of depression and hopelessness whether in a pandemic or not. But of course the state of the world...
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    Oh my GAWD Daveed Diggs - could I love you more?!

    Oh my GAWD Daveed Diggs - could I love you more?!
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    Karina Manta's blog: Circus Runaway (with Joe Johnson)

    This is so exciting! Thanks, @Sylvia.
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    Moving Order of Forums around?

    I just ... hate change :shuffle:
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    I must be the only person besides Kostornaia who also loves her Twilight program best. It's fun to see how much fun she has performing it. AND I like the music! So there.
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    Don’t Hate! Self Isolate! Share your tips!

    I watched all of the Bolshoi's Swan Lake today. I turned it on out of curiosity and thought I would leave the window open while doing other things, just listen to the music. But then I kept checking back: Who is dancing now? Etc. Finally I just committed and rewound to the beginning. The day had...
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    News and Experiences #Thread1

    @canbelto I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. That's just awful. Thinking of you.
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