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    2021 US Women Gymnastics Post-Nationals 4th OLY Team Member Spot Poll

    My thoughts on the Jade Carey situation: In 2018 when she earned her spot, she won both Vault and Floor I believe (so therefore she got the Vault spot). She was very much only a power event athlete. In 2019 you could say basically the same thing, yes she did OK on beam but bars weren't...
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    2021/2022 Canadian Men: News and Updates

    I really enjoy both Nam & Roman, I hope they both skate to the best of their abilities this season. It's hard because they have both had consistently issues in the past, so it will probably come down to who is having the better season and BoW from WTT to Nats
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    Stars on Ice 2021 North American tour

    She did have a partner after him (although obviously not ending well). I think it's great for Dylan & Meagan to be able to get back into show skating
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    2021/2022 Canadian Pairs: News and Updates

    I'm hoping MT&M can up their game some like they have before. I hope J&R bring it and W&M do too.
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    Julie Marcotte is her sister-in-law (her husband is Bruno)
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    If they were planning to continue doing shows (if and when) they are able to return, it would be like a broken business relationship. One of the few monetary gains of skaters.
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    Maybe so, but if you look at Canada's skating history, it's never been like that. Can the country to better then? Sure, but it's not a surprise either
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    Unexpected Fail

    Are there other clubs around that are still open / having test days? I know around here it is normal to test at other clubs if there is room. You pay an extra "guest" fee usually but it is well worth it. I am currently one of those who hasn't been able to train since December because all of...
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    Decisions of the ISU Council: Stockholm Worlds (March 22-28) still on; Synchro Worlds cancelled; 2021 Grand Prix schedule/Beijing test event announced

    Scenario 1: it’s a false positive (in which case horrible timing) Scenario 2: he was in contact with someone Positive prior to leaving for the competition and it took that long for the viral load to be high enough to test positive. That’s why there were subsequent tests being done. Example...
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    Canadian TV coverage 2020/2021

    In the past there is usually more dates and times added to the schedule but this year I don’t really know what will happen. Since last season’s Grand Prix I also started to watch the ISU stream because I could watch when I was ready and fast forward through some things (especially with time...
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    I can’t speak to Skate Canada’s priorities, but I assume Skate Ontario was following their lead. When all of the sections joined to make one provincial body, they also eliminated 80% of competitions. There are no more local or regional competitions for the recreational competitor. If you are...
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    This exactly! Alberta has mostly been (but did recently re-nig on Freestyle Skiing Worlds) allowing any international worlds if the organization has the money to do a bubble, pay for every single ********* test, etc. All while NOT allowing its own high performance athletes to train inside...
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    Canadian Nationals 2021 Cancelled

    Yes, major Elite sporting events with money. So the NHL could spend 75 million on their playoff bubbles. Alberta is allowed World Jrs bubble, and is also having a Curling bubble and Skiing & Snowboarding bubble. Which is fine if that's what they want to do. But the figure skaters in...
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    Skate Canada Replaces "Mohawk" and "Choctaw" In Its Terminology

    While we can be sensitive that someone indeed used names of the First Nations, and I am sure some will be happy with this. But in general, this is not really what skaters, coaches, families, supporters meant when they wanted change.
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    2020 Skate Canada International has been cancelled

    Skate Canada was supposed to be in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. Currently Ottawa, Toronto & Peel regions are only allowed to have 10 people inside of a rec centre / gym / arena etc., for programming (for about 20 more days at least). Makes it pretty impossible to run.
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