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    Bids for ISU Championships 2021 & 2022; Provisional allotments in 2020/21

    Oh, I am sad Euros did not go to Sheffield. My life does not allow travel for skating but Sheffield is close enough that I could have seen part of the competition. Oh well...
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    Who should be the 2019 RUS Ladies European team?

    I really like Medvedeva but (based on the season so far) if it's a choice between her and La Tuk , it ought to be La Tuk. The question is whether Tuktamysheva is healthy for Euros?
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    Are senior ladies allowed to attempt quads in the sp?

    Hmm. Interesting. I don't disagree, you know. If it is a true strict technical programme, I understand that there is a very good reason for limiting the very top few skaters to what the "average elite" skater can do. (Apologies for using the word "average" when anyone skating nationally...
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    Are senior ladies allowed to attempt quads in the sp?

    Must admit that, since it is a sport, I struggle with justifying rules that limit the athletes to doing less than they can do. Higher faster stronger and all that jazz. I could live with it if we were properly going back to the old short programs with specified jumps and entries. That would...
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    Anyone remember the old skating fanfics?

    Yup, me, I remember both of the ones mentioned so far. Would love to revisit! Back in the day, I also read a lot of The Strong and the Sequined! The author is a regular on FSU, I believe.
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    How do we manage to live in a skating world without mandatory spiral sequence?

    Nah. I'm old enough to have been a fan before IJS. Most people's spirals weren't that memorable either under 6.0 or IJS. (Most skaters are not Michelle Kwan! :biggrinbo) Most spirals were average. It's just that we remember the really great ones. Short answer: I don't see the point of...
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    US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring

    I understand that in Saudi Arabia a woman's testimony is worth nothing in a court of law unless she can produce a man to back her up.
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    US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring

    Hmm, well, that's me convinced. Totally convinced. Convinced he's an overgrown frat boy with a drink problem and a massive sense of entitlement. (And is it me, or is discussing these allegations with his ten year old daughter a bit weird? I've got a ten year old and if these allegations...
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    Who is your favorite all time singles skater and why?

    I started to read this thread thinking "I have to mention Alexei Urmanov because no one else will have and, after all, his 94 Olympic skate is the reason that, 24 years later, I'm logging into a figure skating board".... I can't believe someone beat me to it! :D I also liked the ruffles...
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    UPDATED/CONFIRMED: Evgenia Medvedeva leaving Tutberidze for Orser

    I've got no idea whether Med said it or not but agree with you that it's entirely understandable if she did. More than that, assuming she did say it, she's a clear thinker and has pointed at the very crux of the problem with the Eteri/Med/Zag triangle. Eteri has a classic conflict of...
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    Anton Sikharulidze interview

    Many thanks for the translation. I always liked B&S very much and this is a fabulous interview. Lovely to see someone enjoying life so much! :)
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    Evgenia Medvedeva out of 2018 Worlds

    I'm sorry not to get Medvedeva at Worlds as I was hoping to see her keep her title. It's been a dreadfully timed injury for her; fingers crossed for next season. Still, on the bright side, it's great to see another Russian woman make it out of the Hunger Games to compete internationally this...
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    13-year-old Russian, Alexandra Trusova, is first female figure skater to land two quads (video)

    She is so impressive and kudos to her for pushing the boundaries technically. And the medal ceremony is the cutest ever...
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    Nina Mozer: "I want to say to God, why do you keep go breaking my heart?"

    Ivana Komova is on top form. This is sports journalism at its very best.
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    #TeamTrainwreck 10: Unblock Me on Twitter! I Love You!

    I am not arguing that Coomes/Buckland are heart-breakers in themselves but, patriotically, I like seeing them on #TTW as flagbearers for (the overall heartache that is) British skating. :D
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