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    Fans are really getting out of hand

    Hanyu is not on Twitter or Instagram. And neither is he on other social media. I don't think he has read any of these hateful messages about Nathan Chen. It doesn't mean he hasn't heard or read anything about that, but it's a possibility. In any case, he may not be aware about the extent of it.
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    2021 Worlds Dance 8-12 Poll

    The same apparently goes for Adrian Diaz 🙄.
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    The Dance Hall 8: Join the Maskerade 2020-2021

    Thank you for the info, Ka3sha. Good news that Abachkina is skating again - I was a bit sad when she supposedly retired at such a young age. She was/is not the best skater, but she was a joy to watch because of her vibrancy and performative abilities. I would also like to know - that is, if you...
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    "Ice Age" 2020 on Russia's Channel One

    You mean in 'Ice Age'? No, they are not skating. They are part of the coaching team of the project. Apart from that - they used to skate in Averbukh's other (not TV) ice shows, but I am not sure when was the last time they performed in one of those shows.
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    Medvedeva leaves Orser for Tutberidze

    See other posts about that. Also, the problem was that she went to Japan in spring for shows that were eventually cancelled, but had to stay there for much longer than planned anyway, as she couldn't get out of Japan. No training during that time either, obviously.
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    Elena Ilinykh joins Angels of Plushenko Academy

    Elena Ilinykh has joined Plushenko's team and Agels of Plushenko Academy. From Plushenko's and Ilynikh's Instagrams -, I think this is good news. She can help with...
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    Kostornaia leaves Tutberidze

    Maybe this warrants a separate thread. Elena llinykh has joined Plushenko's team and Angels of Plushenko academy. From Plushenko's and Ilynikh's Instagrams -,
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    Kostornaia leaves Tutberidze

    Sorry to bring it up again, but I thought pretty much the same about Medvedeva. She could not tell Tutberidze and the coaching team about her decision to leave before she had made sure she had where to go to, that is, before she had ascertained that Orser would take her and that the the Russian...
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    Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya passed away

    What terrible and sad news :cry:. Condolences to her family and friends.
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    Papadakis/Cizeron #9 - People Will See Them And Cry

    Thanks a lot for your translation, Peepsquick đź‘Ť. A great interview.
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    Team Champéry and recent interviews with Stéphane Lambiel

    As a a fan of both Lambiel and Vasiljevs, I do indeed pay attention to this thread, what people are writing about them, as well as to other people's reactions to that. But, no, I haven't exactly paid attention to how individual users of this board, including you, use this or other emoticons...
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    Team Champéry and recent interviews with Stéphane Lambiel

    I may have misunderstood your reaction (or probably not) and I also hope I misunderstood casken's remark, but it doesn't seem so. Actually, it's less about your reaction and your opinion, than about what you were reacting to/opining about. If I was right what casken was hinting at is not very...
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    Team Champéry and recent interviews with Stéphane Lambiel

    And also to Erin and Vagabond who "signed" with shocked and sad emoticons - of course, Stephane and Deniss are not social distancing, because they live in one house, as they always have during those years when Deniss has been training in Champery and as have all of Stephane's students and also...
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    The Russian Dolls Have Transformed Figure Skating.... in the Guardian

    Or, rather, that Jason Brown had a concussion from a car accident :rolleyes:.
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    Chris Reed has passed away

    I am also shocked an sad :(. Unbelievable.
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