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    2022 Skate America

    In case anyone had applied to volunteer I got an email today asking me to keep an eye out for sign-ups for shifts!
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    Italian figure skating news & updates

    I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. It was a horrible time in my life when I had that done for jaw surgery. You feel so horrendous, can't eat, lose a ton of weight, ugh. The worst. Poor Carolina. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
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    RIP HM Queen Elizabeth II

    Well done, good and faithful servant. RIP. My prayers are with the family - they must be devastated.
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    Peacock Subscription Discount

    I had Peacock subscribed for a year and didn't even notice :shuffle: Now I can't use the discount. Oh well!
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    2022 Skate America

    Oh no :lol:
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    2022 Skate America

    I just fly Delta though CLT is owned by American, I just hate American :shuffle: It wasn't bad--but I paid SkyMiles, 15k roundtrip. Now it's up to 30k SkyMiles! My cousin's getting married on the Friday, but it's so expensive for us to fly to Tampa so I'll probably still be going to SA...
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    Yuzuru Hanyu announces his retirement from competition (updated after his press conference)

    I wish him all the best. He seems very happy with his decision and it is what is best for him. I hope he can create a great series of shows and have a happy life outside skating too. He's a legend for sure and pushed the sport.
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    Ottavio Cinquanta has died

    RIP and thoughts, prayers to his family.
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    2022 Grand Prix Assignments - when do they come out?

    Wish I could head over again, see some friends and family AND skating :lol: but GPF instead for me this year... unless I can make it work, could even bring Mr. and Mini possibly, tell his teachers "we're going to visit family!" and they'll be never the wiser :shuffle:
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    Russian figure skating news & updates in 2022

    Is it like the Bloody Mary game of FSU? @allezfred I'm not going to tag you next time I'll just say WARSAW CUP three times fast in the mirror.
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    Ilia Malinin Fan Thread!

    Wow. Just. Holy sh*t. Wow. I'm still :omg: at QUAD freakin AXELS.
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    Provisional allotments for ISU Championships 2022, 2023 & 2024; future bids discussion

    SkyMiles from here to Denver was great so I totally didn't just book a flight for 4CCs :shuffle: Nope. I would never.
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    Making Your Own Code of Points

    A nod to Angela would be a beeeeauuuutttiiifulll layback.
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    How will the new sequence rules affect planned jump content?

    I'm still all down for requiring a Level 1 or Level 2 spin so we can see some nice camels and laybacks again without all the contortions :shuffle:
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