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    U.S. Women [#3]: Skating Clean

    I wish Gracie the best, she has a lot of flow in her skating, looks strong.
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    Maybe someone can help me out here, I am not sure what exactly John McEnroe, Mr. "You've Got To Be Kidding Me," said about calling shots out, now that it is 2022 and many years after he yelled at the Referees, but I think he suggested on Sunday they should set up a rule at Wimbledon, as...
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    Not sure I like Nick Kyrgios' off court personality of plopping on his red hat (not allowed even before or after matches, per rules--same as wearing colored sneakers to and from the court) when he sat down just after the match was over and continuing to wear it throughout the awards ceremony...
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    WNBA's Brittney Griner arrested on drug charges in Russia UPDATE: sentenced to 9 years

    So, they don't wait to possibly negotiate a punishment until just after her admittance of guilt, but moreover until after her sentencing, so how long will that take? And will she be let off, or will she be traded for a Russian person imprisoned in the US?
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    I feel sorry for Fritz, who Nadal managed to squeak over yesterday in five sets, he could have been there...
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    1/6 House Select Committee Hearings and Aftermath

    I think I heard that he had not sworn under oath the first time, presumably this will be.
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    2022 Westminster Dog Show

    The Bloodhound has the best personality of all the dogs there. I saw him sit on a couch next to his handler, reach out with his paw to caress her shoulder, and plant a big wet kiss on her cheek as if to say, "Thanks for letting me up on the couch!"
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    Gun violence (Again!)

    I have heard that a teacher propped open the door so she could go out to her car and get her phone, and I have also heard that doors were left open for the parents who came to the awards ceremonies that morning. Don't know which if either was true.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: Coronavirus Edition

    I am way behind the times, but we just finished "Good Girls," started in 2/2018, it is a show starring Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman. I don't know if anyone on here has ever posted about this show, it was four seasons long--some up to 16 episodes, and I still couldn't tell you how...
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    Ice Dance Technical Requirements 2022/23

    Probably no one here wants to hear my story, but maybe someone will have suggestions... I was an Adult Silver Dancer (tested to there and retired 40 years ago), my two girls both passed the Gold Ice Dancing Medal, the oldest 35 years ago and the youngest passed all but two of the Internationals...
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    Alysa Liu retires

    Yes, I wonder how much of Alysa's "retirement" option was suggested by her father. As his daughter, he has the right to suggest her future, and she is still a child, far from an adult. I think we have not yet heard, and may never hear, the full story of the Chinese influence on his life, and if...
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    Alysa Liu retires

    I agree with this statement all the way through to Alysa and her father being targeted. I'd get out too. She has had a great skating life in a very protected environment, but the older she gets I don't think that would be possible, she wants fun and freedom. I also think Alysa discovered this...
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    94th Annual Academy Awards Thread

    So, by resigning from the Academy, Will is once again pushing a lot of hot air. Let's wait for April 18th, that's the Board of the Academy's next meeting date...perhaps more repercussions.
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    94th Annual Academy Awards Thread

    But the camera was on jada and her reaction was that she rolled her eyes, nothing over the top, kind of like here we go, another jokester, more from Chris
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    94th Annual Academy Awards Thread

    So I read that this may go back to wanting to protect his mother from her abusive husband, Will’s father?, but has he ever done anything like this before? His mother was on Philly news saying something along the lines of my precious baby has never done anything like this…as if that excused it...
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